It’s Elementary by Jennifer Palmer

Pre-K registration for the 2012-2013 school year was March 27th-29th. There was great attendance at the Open House on the 27th and overwhelming support has been shown for this program. Thank-you to Kitty Hatcher, Shasidy Dewberry, and Sharon Howard for your help with the registration process. Parents will be notified in April by mail if their child is accepted into the program. Please contact the school office at 773-5946 with any questions. State Representative, Michael Evans, presented a basic CPR/First Aid class to staff and teachers at Fair Elementary on April 2nd. Mr. Evans is also a firefighter and a CPR instructor. We appreciate his taking the time to share this valuable information that could potentially save someone’s life. Some of the highlights that he discussed included calling 911, initiating CPR, and using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The American Heart Association guidelines recommend that chest compressions begin immediately, because they are crucial for someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest. Compressions move oxygenated blood to the heart, draw in surrounding air, and could possibly dislodge an airway obstruction. Mouth to mouth resuscitation still has a vital role, but more emphasis has been placed on compressions. This has increased survival rates, due partly to the uninterrupted movement of blood & oxygen, but also because more people are willing to approach a victim and do the “hands-only CPR”. At times, a person’s heart goes into an abnormal rhythm, causing it to become inefficient. An AED can determine the heart’s rhythm and offer a shock, if needed, to correct the problem. AED’s are available for use inside malls, stores, stadiums, airports, etc.., and should be utilized when someone first becomes unresponsive. The instructions are usually straightforward so that most adults can understand. Once the system is turned on, verbal instructions are given on how to place the pads, when to continue CPR, or to whether or not to press the shock button. For more information on AED’s, First Aid, or to find a CPR class, check the website: Almost all of our Biggest Loser participants are actively losing weight. Chelsea Wade was in 1st place as of April 2nd and had lost 12.6% of her body weight since the contest began in February. Anita Villalpando was holding a close 2nd at an 11.9% loss. The final weigh-in will be the week of May 14th. Good luck to all the participants!! Please mark your calendars for our April 26th community blood drive. United Blood Services will be set up in the staff resource center at Fair Elementary from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Anyone willing to “give the gift of life” can contact Nurse Palmer at 773-5854.