Jail Docket

Jail Docket 7/17 – 7/28/2017

Name, DOB, DOA, Agency, Officer, Charge

Anthony D. Williams, 11/3/77, 7/17/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Gentery O. Greer, 1/27/94, 7/17/17, City of Louisville, DL none, seatbelt violation, COC

Bernard Mathis, 12/23/71, 7/17/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins,

David L. Sanders, 10/11/82, 7/18/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Yolanda Q. Coburn, 7/4/68, 7/18/17, City of Louisville, Phyllis Jenkins, credit cards – forgery, abuse/neglect/exploitation of incapacitated adult

Torez L. White, 1/9/96, 7/18/17, MDOC, Dennis Hooks, probation violation

Tykeal D. Petty, 8/9/96, 7/18/17, City of Louisville, Virginia McDonald, Poss firearm felon, kidnapping, armed robbery

Shamaine C. Roberts, 3/22/86, 7/19/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Stevie L. Pace, 11/10/83, 7/19/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Courtney Triplett, 5/29/90, 7/20/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Dondrea Arterberry, resisting arrest, controlled substance w/intent

Bethany M. White, 10/19/97, 7/20/17, Winston Sheriff Dept. Phyllis Jenkins, controlled substance-possession paraphernalia

Tyson Hairston, 11/10/89, 7/21/17, MDOC, Andre Jenkins

Lorenzo Hull, 12/11/69, 7/21/17, MDOC, Dondrea Arterberry, Murder

Sean M. Hilton, 11/2/70, 7/21/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Virginia McDonald, simple assault – domestic violence

Tyrese Holmes, 3/10/99, 7/21/17, City of Louisville, Virginia McDonald, burglary

James E. Curtis, 4/19/59, 7/21/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Terrence Watt

James D. Yates, 12/5/66, 7/21/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Virginia McDonald, controlled substance-poss., probation violation

Lee Hopkins, 5/30/50, 7/22/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Virginia McDonald, No Proof Insurance, DUI

Marcus D. Holmes, 12/5/83, 7/22/17, City of Louisville, Andre Jenkins, Disturbance of family

Corey Coleman, 7/3/80, 7/24/17, Winston Sheriff Dept. Joel Triplett, DUI-refusal to submit to test

Steven Knowles, 9/11/82, 7/25/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Joel Triplett, Possession stolen firearm

Daniel Baxley, 5/7/84, 7/25/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Joel Triplett, CS charge while in poss of firearm

James Patterson, 6/28/54, 7/26/17, Winston Sheriff Dept., Virginia McDonald, unlawful poss of alcoholic beverages, poss of controlled substance, poss alcohol – transportation

Jimmy L. Young, 8/21/77, 7/27/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Jamaal D. Jenkins, 9/26/95, 7/28/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Jimmie L. Lewis, 3/14/96, 7/28/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Ernest L. Morris, 6/13/88, 7/28/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Dustin D. Hall, 8/27/79, 7/28/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

James R. Keel, 11/20/75, 7/28/17, MDOC, Phyllis Jenkins

Editor’s note: Unless otherwise noted or not applicable, defendants listed in this report have only been charged with the offenses listed an have not been convicted in court. The information contained herein is derived from public records.