Keeping up with the Community

Asked where I heard something, I replied, “It was in the newspaper.”

With that answer I quickly realized we at the newspaper are the best way for anyone to follow our communities.

This newspaper brings the births, weddings and obituaries in the county and surrounding area to its citizens and others throughout the world. We just like those of us who precede us cover city hall, happenings at the courthouse and what law enforcement is doing. We run the church events, publicize school activities, we offer our opinions on vital issues and allow our readers a forum for their thoughts through our letters to the editor. Our opinion page should inform as well as spur thoughtfulness and debate.

We go about the business of producing a community newspaper to keep the citizens informed and connected to the community quickly just as our predecessors did.

We have become a part of many lives in the area and hope to become a part of many more lives in our communities.

I would even bet many conversations at the in restaurants and at dinner tables begin with the question, “Did you see that in the newspaper?” And think about how many households pickup our newspaper or one of our shoppers in the counties before they go grocery shopping so they can find the best deals through our grocery advertisers.

The newspaper is ingrained into the lives of many. We like electricity and running water have become a must. We appreciate that need and are glad to serve each customer with the information and glimpse of people’s lives in the communities.

Of course, we are glad to bring our readers the advertising from local businesses since they are an absolute vital part of our newspapers as well as being a must for our readers to find the best deals and best places in town.

So just remember whether just needing to stay in touch with what is going on or wanting to know where the best deals in town can be had – It’s all in your local newspaper.


Editor’s note: Joseph McCain is the editor and publisher of the Winston County Journal, The Choctaw Plaindealer and Webster Progress Times. He may be reached at 662-773-6241 or 662-803-5236 or