Kids miss some summer fun

by Elmetra Patterson

Among the ten lives lost, over 300 homes demolished and nearly 300 home damaged are children missing in Dean Park for their summer vacation.  There is no comparison to the other losses but we are missing seeing the children play in Dean Park. Dean Park was damaged by the storm mostly by many beautiful pine trees being uprooted.

DSC00208Presently, the contractors have just about moved all of the debris and the logs are being hauled away from the park.  However, a few other major things have to be done before the park is opened again – septic tank top to sewage and the pavilion have to be repaired.  Bids are still needed for the fence around the park, pavilion, baseball field and tennis court.  Please contact Dean Park Commissioner, Willie Therman Eichelberger, if you would like to make a bid at (662) 312-7895. If you would like to volunteer to help clean the park after the logs are moved, please contact Richard Moncrief, president of Friends of Dean Park at (662) 736-3323 or Elmetra Patterson at 510.672-2106.