‘Learn to read’ ministry program planned

From press reports


Mountain Top Ministries is now registering for the “Learn to Read Program”.

The program is designed to assist adults with the fundamental reading skills that can assist them with the day to day functions of life.

Using unconventional methods to teach reading skills to adults is the primary goal of the ministry.

The skills challenge the adults to learn and to implement the strategies into their daily lives.

The program hasn’t adopted a particular style or curriculum but is open for any suggestions from any educators that don’t mind sharing.

Pastor Versie Estes feels that if a person can’t read, they miss out on one of the ways of knowing God, which is through his written Word.

Mountain Ministries is a non-denominational ministry based upon education and inspiring growth, particularly in the Church.

Pastor Versie Estes is an ordained minister and holds a Masters in Pastoral Counseling. Her goal is to enlighten the Body of Christ with the revelatory knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The ministry has been commissioned to teach/preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through nontraditional avenues.

The ministry would love to have volunteers for the program. Please contact Pastor Versie @662-803-9082 or mountaintopministries@hotmail.com.