Let’s be Neighbors 07-16-2014

Some old news and some new. Since this writer is not getting around much anymore, it is hard to come up with interesting news. I do not like having to use family stuff,

but do occasionally. Please excuse!
The annual picnic held by Friends of Legion State Park was most enjoyable held in the beautiful Lodge with new blinds on the triple windows on the south wall and two new fans helping cool the spacious room, compliments of members of FLSP. A wonderful picnic style BBQ catered meal was served with desserts brought by members. I can’t name all who brought pound cakes, cookies, etc. All were delicious, especially the cake baked by Noneine Keene. Several new members joined the group at the picnic after being invited as a prospective member.
Frances Ball presided at the picnic gathering. She had also decorated the tables with roses in Mason jars brought by Tracy McCully. The Wells Brothers from Noxapater entertained during the meal and afterwards. By the way, the Wells will be going to Nashville to cut a record next week. They will enjoy several days in that music city as will Teresa Ingram, voice coach of the Wells children, who plans to accompany the two families.
It was discussed during the picnic that some volunteers working to clean up after the April 28th tornado were using cabins and the RV facilities using a reduced rate payment compliments of MDWFP.
Charlotte Files, who is a member of Friends of the Park suggested that it would be great if all the the garden clubs and civic clubs would pitch in and help pay the bill for the volunteers using the park. A great idea!
The unexpected death of Boyd Allen was so heartbreaking for his family. Boyd died just a couple of days after his 49th birthday on June 15th. Love and respect for the Allen family was demonstrated by the long line of friends who attended Boyd’s visitation.
My birthday is also on June 15th and a wonderful surprise party, set up by my daughter Julie was held on the porch of Lake Tiak O’Khata on Sunday afternoon. Family and several of my senior friends, plus my pastor and wife filled the porch space. I did not think it was quite fair that those who attended had to foot their own bill, but I am grateful they thought enough of me to come. My daughter Teresa had baked two delicious birthday cakes that were served for dessert.
Rose Catt, a friend was invited to my party but did not attend because of an injured ankle. Rose has two very nice sons, Billy and Dave, and they recently brought me almost a hundred ears of the finest sweet corn I have ever cut off for the freezer. Dave had a fine corn patch beside his house located just west of Whitehall UMC. Thanks Dave and Billy.
Moselle Hull, another friend did attend the surprise birthday party. She has enjoyed having her son and family from Fairview, TX visiting her.
Robin Black has enjoyed having two of her daughters with their children spend the week with her. At church Sunday, she said she had eight people to cook meals for and she was tired. I can’t imagine why, since she has a catering business and cooks for many more, but guess cooking catering one meal a day is easier than cooking three meals a day for eight.
Mollie Sheppard and her two boys, Daxton and Tyler, of Gallatin, TN came down on Thursday and spent the July 4th holiday with her parents, David and Martha Mills. Mollie has recently undergone surgery but she is a gusty young woman and does not let a little thing like major surgery stop her.
Thanks to the ladies class at South Louisville Baptist Church for compiling a list of that church family who were victims of the April 28th tornado. Did you see the photo someone made of the tornado sitting right on top of South Louisville Baptist? Much damage was to the church building, the bus barn was destroyed and several pickups and campers parked behind the church belonging to some Baptist people doing some volunteer work for the Baptist Association were destroyed. The volunteers were safe in the basement of the church.
Members or Attend Regularly affected by tornado:
Russ and Amy Nowell
Eric and Miranda Sullivan
Lowell and Mary Frances Wilson
Benny and Teresa Hill
David and Pam Kelly
Kevin and Ashley Price
Chad and Amber Turner
Marilyn Davis Family
Jeff Stanley
Jackie Holman
Bailey Long
Carole Peterson
Emily Eaves
Johnna Williamson
Debra Wilson