Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

Another funeral for a long time friend, this week. Mantel Clay left this world for a better place just one month after his wife, Betty, was buried. His funeral was held at 1st Baptist church on Thursday morning with Rev. Billy Bowie singing three beautiful hymns with Mrs. McWhirter accompanying on the piano. Rev. Junior Davis brought the message and also eulogy in which he remembered being helped to mature by his former principle in ’75 at Louisville High School.

Colleen Estes Wright and I sat together and she remembered Mantel as a classmate at Noxapater and I remembered him as the principle who hired me as manager of the high school cafeteria and as the husband of my classmate Betty Walker at LHS. someone who kept up with everything about Janie Sharpe as I have across the years.

Thursday evening Winston Garden Club met at Lake Tiak O’Khata with Harry Tabor bringing a program on Birds. The members were glad to have Harry’s wife Vale accompany him and I appreciated having them pick me up. Betty Sullivan was program leader and she presented Harry a very nice bird feeder for bringing the program.

Harry and Vale are neighbors since they came back to live beside his father and mother Harry, Sr. and Inez Tabor several years ago. Last year, Debbie and Kevin Arnett and children built a beautiful home a short distance from her parents. Kevin commutes to Starkville and works in the pharmacy there. He will soon transfer to fill prescriptions at the Kosciusko Pharmacy. Debbie commutes to Jackson and is a nurse at St. Domonic’s three days a week. Their boys will graduate from MSU this spring, but Amanda will be there a while longer as she is studying to become a pharmacist. By the way, the Arnett’s two boys and Amanda are triplets.

Harry and Vale Tabor are members of Whitehall UMC and are both members of the Louisville Loins Club. Vale is a member of Town and Country Garden Club and will host that club at her home on Thursday of next week.

Patrick, Heather and Jacob Charlton and Danny, Gidget and Landon Mills attended a concert in Tupelo on Thursday night.

Sharon Heath picked up her mother, Sue Heath,at the nursing home and Carol Clark joined them to attend the concert held at 1st Baptist Church in Louisville on Friday night.

I do not know who the musicians were that were in either concert. Sorry, it is too late to contact anyone to find out.

I am happy to report that Wayne Ingram was able to return to his home in Choctaw County this weekend. He was moved from the hospital in Starkville to East Baptist Hospital in Memphis where his daughter Dawn is employed and the treatment there put him on the road to recovery.

It is very sad that Richard Woodward, has learned that he has a very invasive cancer and has been receiving treatment and tests at St. Domonic’s Hospital in Jackson. Ada Emily has been at his side. Please pray for Richard and Ada Emily. Richard had a double organ transplant several years ago and has survived that.

Ran into Buster Moody at Vowell’s market and learned that his wife Betty is having some health problems and Buster is much concerned. Please pray for this couple also.

Johnna Williamson ask me to announce that Louisville’s “Life is a Stitch” group is sponsoring another workshop on knitting and crocheting to be held Saturday, March 15 upstairs at the Winston County Chamber of Commerce building on West Park Street, next door to the Library. The cost is $5 and you must bring your pattern, needles or hook and yarn. You may call Rebecca at 773-5904 for sign up.

My brother, Larry Caperton, is looking for a used disk to be used to be pulled behind a small Yanmar tractor which can only handle a 500 # load with a three point hold. Larry loves to garden and has used a tiller in recent years to plow up his garden space. He is no longer able to handle a tiller, having lost use of his leg muscles. If you know of anyone who might have such a disk, please call me at 773-5837.

Lunch after worship at Center Ridge UMC today and supper at the home of Clinton and Carol Mills has me feeling much to full, but cannot resist good food. I am happy to report that Carol is coming along with her therapy after a hip replacement. Her brother Kenny Shaw of Atlanta came to be with her as Clinton is away as a traveling sales person for GP a great portion of the week. Kenny was glad to be out of Atlanta these last two weeks when that city had ice and snow problems.

My grandson Drew Gordon brought my newest great grand to visit me this weekend. Aria Kathryn Gordon was born January 31st in St. Dominic’s Hospital at 7:41 p.m. weighing 8 lbs, 13 oz., 21 inches in length. Aria is a little beauty.