Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

Green Thumb Garden Club held their February meeting in the Activity Room of Winston Nursing Home. Waldean Roberts, president, called the meeting to order and announced the agenda.

Secretary Theresia Fulton read the minutes of the last meeting.

Nettie Carter led in prayer and Ruben Carter held the flag while Mary Rose Moore led the pledge. Carolyn Mills presented the horticulture specimen, a container of purple hyscinths that had been forced into bloom in a nursery. Brenda Hunt provided entertainment with a medley of piano music. Welcomed back to the Green Thumb Garden Club after several months of recuperating from a one car accident was Mary Anne Sessions who led the group in a couple of hymns. Joyce Johnson was welcomed back, also. Joyce spent several weeks at Lakeside Village Assisted Living Home after breaking a bone in her foot. Refreshments were served by the activity staff, assisted by Mary Anne, Brenda, and Mary Rose, members of Winston Garden Club, as are Carolyn and Joyce.

The Green Thumb Garden Club is composed of nursing home residents and is sponsored by Winston Garden Club,

Brenda Hunt is a dedicated person to carry on her duties at both of the above mentioned Garden Clubs. She came to the club meeting, even though her mother Frances Tabor was in River Oaks going through a heart cath. Mary Tabor was with her mother through the procedure which Frances came through with the good news that all is well.

While the Green Thumb was going on the fire alarm went off, but thank goodness it was a false alarm. Overheard in the hallway was the comment that Brenda set off the alarm with her fantastic piano playing.

On Wednesday, February 19, the Senior Citizens from West Louisville Charge and Whitehall gathered at Center Ridge for their monthly meeting. Rev. Mike Dowd opened the meeting with a devotional and prayer. Crystal Blair brought the program on Care Giving and the Rights of Care Givers. Crystal is employed at Winston County Extension as she replaced Rita Tanksley when she retired. The meeting was not well attended as only a dozen signed the register. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tabor and Lynda McCool from Whitehall, Mr. and Mrs. Don Shumaker and Mary Anne Sessions from Rural Hill, Alene Ingram and Dean Dempsey from Pleasant Hill, and Carolyn Mills and guest Jessie Streety from Center Ridge along with Bro Mike and the speaker. A pot-luck lunch was enjoyed after the program along with some good fellowship.

Mr. and Mrs. JackWoodward were missed as well as others from Whitehall whom usually attend. Also Mrs. Pat Horton who always supplies a pot of chicken and dumplings for the meal. Pat and her husband Don are going through some health problems. The Woodwards are dealing with the severe health of their son Richard who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer that has spread throughout his body. Our prayers go out to both families.

On Thursday, Nona Vowell of the Choctaw Panhandle hosted another quilting party at her spacious home, this time quilting a quilt to be auctioned at French Camp Festival. The top was a work of Anna Miller to be donated to the children’s home at French Camp.Quilters who came were: Louise Dempsey, Dean Dempsey, Mae Barclay, Johnnie Mae Stevenson, Martha Mills, Sandra Power, Annabel Dunlap, Anna Miller, Allene Dorsey, Patty Hatten, Grace Sloan, Non quilters who came were Alene Ingram, Marie Gordon, Nancy Miller, and they had kitchen duties. This writer attended but was of no help in quilting or the kitchen. Never the less, Nona always invites me!

Several guys joined the party for lunch. They were Nona’s son William known better by nickname “Son”, Nona’s son-in-law, Owen Gordon, Jr., Martha’s husband David Mills, Joe Vowell, Nona’s brother-in-law, and a family friend Frank Morgan.

Let it be noted that Martha, Sandra, and Annabel are Whitmire sisters and Anna is their double first cousin, their fathers being brothers and their mothers sisters.

Happy birthday was sung to “Son” Vowell and Alene Ingram as they had up-coming birthdays. A bountiful pot-luck lunch was enjoyed with guests spreading out all over, at a picnic table in the back yard, on the deck just off the back entrance, at the dinning table , at the dessert table, and in chairs located in the large living room where the quilting took place Several of the quilters came back the next day to finish the job. I am sure there was plenty of left-over food for them to enjoy.

Allen Ingram’s sons and wives treated her to birthday lunch at Lake Tiak O”Khata on Sunday after worship service.

This writer was unable to attend early church at Center Ridge as I came down with what may turn into pneumonia, the Clinic in Starkville warned. Carol Clark carried me there on Saturday when my girls decided I must not wait until Monday to see my doctor. I promised to go get an X-ray if not much improved by then.