Let’s be neighbors

Carolyn Mills
Provides a weekly view from the community.

Panhandle Quilters got together and worked on another quilt at the home of Nona Vowell on Wednesday of last week. The top had been pieced by Nona’s mother, the late Stella Sisson, many years ago. The pattern was unknown to all, except Grace Sloan 90 years old, one of the quilters. She said it was an eight point star pattern and then everyone could see the eight stars done in matching material in red and green. The quilt belongs to Marie Gordon and is a treasure inherited from her grandmother.

Quilters who worked were; Nona, Dean Dempsey, Pat Horton, Mae Barclay, Martha Mills, Louise Dempsey, Grace Sloan, Nancy Miller. Attending but not quilting were: Marie Gordon,  Alene Ingram, and Carolyn Mills. Guys who came for lunch were: Frank Morgan, Joe Vowell, Son Vowell, David Mills and Owen Gordon, Jr.


Annabel Dunlap and her six year old granddaughter, Emma Clare Dunlap, of Birmingham dropped by for a short visit. Emma was visiting her grandparents during spring break from school. They did not stay for lunch.


The guys kept the ladies entertained with their conversation. Who said guys don’t gossip? If you really want to catch up on local gossip of the past and present, just tune in to a bunch of men when they get together.


One story told by Frank Morgan who grew up just off the Fentress/Weir Road, the son of the late Virginia Morgan, one of the original Panhandle Quilters, is a great story teller. Overheard is the following tale as told by Frank.


Back when Sally Vowell owned and operated the country store across from Whitehall UMC, Frank was there when Sally missed her young son Taylor. Sally went outside and screamed for Taylor. He answered from across the highway. Sally yelled back, what are you doing? Taylor answered back that he was showing Charles Eaves ( his buddy who had recently been buried in Whitehall cemetery), his new shoes. Sure enough Taylor had left his footprints all up and down the recently dug grave.


Sally now owns and operates Vowell’s One Stop country store and Shell gas station on Highway 14 East. Taylor is now grown up and the last time I asked about him was engaged to be married. He works at the Nisan place in Canton.


Going a little farther back in time, the store across from Whitehall was owned and operated by Cammie Woodward years ago. Later Becky Eaves owned the store when her children were growing up. Also Martha Mills owned and operated the store while Jonathan was still a toddler. Maurine Wiley ran the store way back also. I am not sure if she and Johnny owned the store or if it belonged to Lloyd Wiley.


Now the store is no longer open and the community must travel into town for groceries, gas and etc.


Larry and Wanda Caperton dropped by for a short visit with this writer on Saturday afternoon. They were on their way to attend a surprise celebration honoring D.A. and Sherry Richardson given by Martha Gay and Dickie Caperton at their cabin located on Highway 25 near Sturgis Road .D.A. and Martha Gay were LHS classmates and she invited many of their former classmates. The Richardson couple lives near Atlanta where they have resided most of their married life.


I finally saw my first hummingbird on Saturday morning at the feeder purchased and put up on Friday. Bonnie Fulton has had one at her feeder for a couple of weeks. Sunday my feeder was covered with bees. What can I do?  I know bees are important and are needed, but I love the hummingbirds.


I love watching cardinals, white throated sparrows, nuthatches, chickadees, gold finches and other birds at the feeders filled with black oil sunflower seed in my front yard. They have been here for months. Last year in April I saw rosebreasted grosbeaks,Indigo Buntings, pine siskins, gold finches and purple finches.



Fifth Sunday worship service for West Louisville Charge was held at Pleasant Hill UMC.  Members from all three churches attended.  The collection was for Corner Stone Clinic.


A thank you note from the family of Wanda Mills was read by Bro. Mike to Center Ride and Pleasant Hill for the food prepared by them after the burial of Wanda in Center Ridge.  Wanda’s funeral was held in Starkville at Calvary Baptist Church where she was a member.  Rev. Mills also took part in that service.

Wanda was buried between her mother Betty Richardson Mills and her sister, Sandra Sweeney.  She was born in England when her parents, Jake and Betty, were stationed in the military there.  She was handicapped her entire life, but never let it destroy her ability to get an education.  She attended high school in Biloxi and received a degree from MSU and later taught there and made many friends.