Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

Thanks to Sylvia Clark for getting a list of the First Methodist Church families that lost their homes or had damage during the April 28, 2014 tornado.
Others have promised lists from their church family which will be forth coming in the next few weeks.
A few items of news will be in this column as learned about by this writer, mostly events that I have attended.
Rev. Mike Dowd as well as all Methodist pastors spent last weekend in Jackson attending the annual Methodist Conference. Teresa Ingram represented West Louisville Charge as delegate.
In the absence of our pastor, Rev. Mike Dowd, John Vowell certified lay speaker delivered the sermon at Pleasant Hill UMC and at Rural Hill UMC. Center Ridge members who wished were welcomed to the worship service at Pleasant Hill. Paula Bane served as pianist for the service and Pat Horton led the singing. There were several other visitors at the service including Mary Katherine Black, Teresa Facemire and her son Zane and Mrs. Jessie Streety.
Martha and David Mills attended the Memorial Service held at Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church in Choctaw County. Others from Center Ridge were away on camping trips; Billy Catt, Julie Mills, Robin and Murrey Black.
Friends of Legion State Park are reminded to attend the annual picnic on June 19 at 6 PM. Anyone wishing to join Friends of Legion State Park should contact Elaine Thompson who serves as treasurer of the group or Frances Ball, president.
Mary Rose Moore had the pleasure of attending the 2nd birthday of her great-granddaughter, Finley, in the home of Jackie Moore, her daughter-in-law. Mary Grace, Finley’s mother, is working part-time as a dental assistant with a lady dentist in the Ridgeland area.
Pat Horton enjoyed attending the high school graduation of her youngest granddaughter, Jessica Arendale, in Pontotoc and also a baby shower of her oldest granddaughter Haylee Crump. Since the shower, the baby boy has been born. Pat is looking forward to visiting her brother Roger in the state of Washington this month. She will fly from Memphis.
Dean Watkins asked me to remind my readers to be sure and vote in the 2nd Primary. Everyone can vote except those who voted the Democratic ticket at the 1st Primary.
A Dad’s Day supper was held at the home of Gidget and Danny Mills honoring her father Hunter Charlton, her brother Patrick and Danny on Saturday evening.
First United Methodist Church:
Church Family Who Lost Homes /Had Damage
(If there are others please let us know)
Drew and Tonya Snow
James and Judy Wilkes
John Adam and Amanda Long
Yvonne McMillin
Richard and Brenda Hunt
Giles and Kay Ward
Charlotte Nabors
Danny Jordan
Don andJan Brantley
Frances Sullivan
Madison Brantley
Hal and Charlsie Overstreet
Charley and Christine Rutledge
Charlie and Shannon Smith
Wally and Sharon Bennett
Joyce Kirkpatrick
Don and Samantha Dickerson
E. L. and Sylvia Vowell
Steve and Christy White
Rev. Smith and Vivian Whiteside
Wade and Bethany Baskin
Judy McLeod
Ann McGowin
Betty Mills
Dee Hathorn
Sandra and Wilson Webb
Dee Luke and Fay Wright
Dewitt and Peggy Crawford
Lee and Patty Mitchell
Charles Bond
Lee and Christy Verry
Bobbie Moore
Bobbie Vowell