Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.
Rev. Mason Joy and his wife are bringing much joy to the members of

East Louisville Baptist Church.and they have brought much joy to the town of Louisville. Recently, East Louisville held a Vacation Bible School lasting from Sunday night to Thursday night.
I was privileged to attend on Wednesday night with Danny and Gidget and their son Landon who had attended all the sessions with his cousin Jacob Charlton and mother Heather. The boys’ grandparents, Hunter and Virginia Charlton, are active members of East Louisville. It is my understanding that Hunter and Virginia were in charge of the cooking and sometimes prepared food for 200, counting the adults that helped with the Bible School. I am sorry I have failed to find out who all helped.
Hunter did tell me that Michael Tucker had been a God Send who carried on much of the kitchen duties and cooking. It was Michael’s sister, her son and friend who lost their lives in the April 28th tornado and they were members of East Louisville Baptist. Tyler the eight year old had walked down on the Sunday before his untimely death on Monday and given his heart to Jesus. All three were buried at Whitehall Methodist cemetery.
The night I attended the Bible School, 137 children marched into the sanctuary singing and dancing. They filled the entire middle section of the sanctuary. At one point, they all went forward and carried a gift of money and placed it in a basket. $2000 was raised during the five days the Bible School lasted. The money raised was for a volunteer disaster relief group that set up on the East Louisville parking lot and cooked meals for victims of the April tornado, serving about 400 people each day for almost a month.
The chancel of the sanctuary was decorated with cut-outs showing the ark and the animals that were preserved during the flood. Not all the animals, but two of many were represented, and they were all beautifully painted by Sissy McKolkle (misspelled) and all had been carefully cut out by Hunter Charlton.
A long hall in the building had been decorated to look like an undersea world with sea animals on the walls decorated to look like the sea. So much work, and so beautifully done by church members.
Rev. Joy, at my request brought me a list of the members of East Louisville who lost their homes and belongings in the April 28th storm. They are: Jerry and Ilene Estes, Larry and Charlotte McCullouch, and Randy and Diane Hodges.
Rev. Joy said that the Tuckers gained a heavenly home due to the storm and he was very sure of it as evidenced by his voice.
Thanks to Dale Joiner, secretary of East Louisville Baptist, whom I had to call to verify information but could not hear well enough to get everything I needed.
I have an appointment next week with an ear, nose, and throat specialist. I really cannot afford a hearing aid, but I certainly need help.