Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills, Provides a weekly view from the community.

Thanks to Grace Beck for sending to me a list of folks whose houses were completely destroyed and houses that received extensive damage on

Tuck Wilkes and Stanley Roads.
Also homes with extensive damage on Yates Road and Yarbrough/Carter Road.
Homes completely destroyed on Tuck Wilkes Road include the following homes: Richard and Betty Byrd, Chris and Lindsey Byrd, Dwayne Watkins, Anna Bell Watkins, Bobby and Edna Stanley, Jerry Stanley, Bill Stanley, Jeff Stanley, Flo Parker, Jacob and Jessica Wekenman, Linda Horne and 2 houses of Bud Dewease. All barns and outside storage buildings, trees etc, gone.
Homes that received extensive damage includes: Reginald and Shirley Horne, Marshall and Grace Wilkes, and all of their outside buildings, the rental home of Richard and Betty Byrd, Chet and Amy Wilkes, Beverly Wilkes and Royce and Dorothy Watkins.
On Yates Road, the homes of Billy Wade and Faye Clark and Ralph, Jeremy and Rebecca Yates had extensive damage.
On the Yarbrough/Carter Road the home of Ralph and Jodie Wilkes had extensive damagae, Charlie and Cindy Wilkes had three homes destroyed and eight chicken houses destroyed.
On Liberty Road, the Buck Womble home was damaged.
If we have left out anyone in that part of the county, please call and I will add in a later addition of this column.
The Stanley family was hit hard as all those mentioned are related, even Flo Parker whose maiden name is Stanley. Grace said Flo has bought a very nice double-wide trailer to replace her house which was destroyed with all her birds and orchids which she loved.
We put Bobby Stanley on our prayer list last week when we learned that he had fallen from the roof of his barn while repairing it and broke several vertebra of his back.
Mrs. Anna Bell Watkins is the mother of Hank Watkins of our church family. He drove down to his mother’s when he realized the tornado was headed in her direction. Thank the good Lord, he did. He found her asleep and both got in the bathroom and were not harmed when the storm hit and destroyed the rest of the house. She is now living in a Fema trailer, but plans to rebuild .
Thanks for all the prayers being sent up for my granddaughter, Mollie Sheppard, who is undergoing treatment for cancer in Centennial Hospital in Nashville, TN.