Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills, provides a weekly view from the community.

Mrs. Shelby Goodin who lives on Goldman Road (near Plattsburg) called to give me names of several folks on her road that had tornado damage. They

include; Marie Myers who lost her home and two chicken houses; Clarence and Brenda Goodin lost their home; Hillary Goodin lost her beauty shoppe which was located at her home but she was living with her grandmother Marie Myers at the time of the tornado and now..
Jo Gaye Wilkes called to tell me that one of the three houses that belonged to Charlie and
Cindy Wilkes as reported in this column recently belonged to her. Jo Gaye is Charlie’s sister and the house was left to her by their parents. She is heart broken to lose all of her household furniture and especially treasures left by her parents.
Several churches have been contacted for damage to their church members homes, but have not responded at this time.
It will be reported when received.
A trip to the Neshoba County Fair was enjoyed by several members of my family on the second Wednesday the Fair was held.
We enjoyed visiting with Lynn Campbell and her two sons at the Caperton/Campbell cabin. Carol, Teresa, and I carried smoked sausages, and fixings to have for supper, but even though Brad grilled the sausage, they were not eaten. Why? Cora Lynn had fixed a complete meal of vegetables and cornbread and Greg’s friend, Deanna Moore, had prepared a huge pan of meat loaf, so nobody wanted a sausage dog. The Campbells fed twenty guests that night.
Two of the twenty guests that ate supper with the Campbells were GiGe Moore (do not know her married name) and her daughter Mary Haley. GiGe’s grandmother was the late Lattie Moore who was my mother’s sister. Both of us were so surprised to learn we are related. LeRoy Moore is GiGe’s father and her mother was the late Annette Williamson.
Terry Fleming also a Winston County native came to the cabin for supper. He was hauling folks to and fro on one of the Fair shuttles. We called him to come take us to our vehicles when we got ready to leave the Fair ground.
He had already checked out, so Brad loaded us into his mother’s red pick-up and hauled us and our belongings to Teresa’s car parked in the handicap parking area. Thanks! Brad.
Alan Ware, as always, made the gallons of sun tea we consumed. Alan spends the entire two weeks at the Campbell cabin or at least sleeps there. Alan was a neighbor of Joe Caperton in Union before he had to go to the VA Nursing Home. We all miss Joe so very much since he can no longer stay at the Fair. We did enjoy meeting one of Joe’s old
Fair buddies, Tommy Littlepage, who built his cabin on the Fair Grounds about the time that Joe was building his cabin and told several tales of that time.
Others of my family who visited at the Fair cabin on Wednesday were: Danny, Gidget, and Landon, my granddaughters, Elena Gilbert, and Jess Mills, their children, Braden, Riley and Colton.
Teresa Ingram really enjoyed her trip to Nashville, with the Wells family recently. She is the voice coach of Chandler and Abby Wells and Penny invited her to join them when they drove to Music City for the Wells Quartet and the children to record a DVD.
Making the trip encluded: Larry and Cheryl Wells, Phil and Carolyn Wells, Michele, a sister of David and Chris Wells, Chris’s wife Chasity and David’s wife Penny.
Teresa was awe-struck by the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Hotel and getting to tour back stage at the Grand Ole Opry which they all attended.
Carrie Underwood was one of the performers that night.
If you would like one of the CDs recorded by Chandler and Abby and the Quartet, you can purchase them at the Winston County Journal from Hanna McCain sister of Chasity and Penny.
Danny, Gidget, and Landon Mills and Michael and Teresa Ingram spent Thursday and Friday visiting Duck Dynasty country in Monroe, LA. They were thrilled to be invited into the home of Uncle Si where they visited with him and his wife and, of course, made photos with them.
They ate at the Cotton Restaurant which is in an old cotton warehouse, nothing fancy but the food was amazing and new to them and very expensive. When Teresa saw venison schnitzel on the menu, she told Michael that he needed to order that. He said “no way would he pay $25 for something he had in his deep freezer.” And when Teresa looked up how schnitzel is prepared, she had to laugh because that is exactly how we prepare fried venison.
W.L. Black was pleased to have his daughter Debbie and two sons spend the weekend with him. They came up to get Chase installed at MSU where he will begin his junior year, having attended Pearl River Junior College his first two years.
Friends of Lori Mills were sorry to learn that she has a squamous skin cancer on her hand and she is going to Anderson in Houston to receive treatment as this type of cancer grows rapidly and can set up in other places on the body. Good luck, Lori, and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Lori is one of those people who mow without sunscreen and she has also been a user of a tanning beds. She has a huge lawn and keeps it mowed weekly with a riding lawn mower.
My granddaughter Mollie Sheppard is fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma t-cell cancer. She was released from Centennial Hospital in Nashville on Sunday after another week of hospital care. Please keep Mollie in your prayers as she has two little boys, four and five years old that need her.