Let’s be Neighbors

Well, it is St. Patrick’s Day and the Hooks family has not moved into
the Habitat For Humanity Home built for them by donated materials and
volunteer labor. The family was supposed to have moved in by
Christmas. What is the problem? Should Glenda Johnson and the
committee be kicked in the butt or be praised for holding up the
process? I have personally talked to one member of the committee and
she is as puzzled as the rest of us and does not know why the paper
work is taking so long.

Other Easter Holy Week schedules have been published already in WCJ
but Methodist of the County have not published their schedule. I will
give their schedule below.

Sunday March 24- First Methodist will present their Easter Cantata at
6:00 PM
Monday March 17 –Camp Ground UMC Rev Becky Smith bringing the message
at 7:00

Tuesday March 25- Center Ridge Rev. Larry Haggard bringing the
message at 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday March 26 – Middleton UMC Rev. James Morris preaching at
7:00 p.m.

Thursday March 27- Whitehall Rev. David Meadows preaching at 7:00 p.m.

Friday March 28- Flower Ridge Rev. Kyle Ivy preaching at 7:00 p.m.

The annual Methodist Ministry Bake Sale will be held Good Friday in
front of Tabor Drugs, beginning at 7:00 a.m. All Methodist are urged
to bring baked goods. Someone will be there by 6:30 a.m. to accept
your baked items for sale.

Did you take your key and scratched off number to the big Toyota
sale? On Tuesday. I did, knowing full well I would not win the big
prize, but was willing to see what I had won. It was a $2 bill and
after going through a sales talk and stating emphatically that I was
not going to give up my ’89 Buick I left with the sales person urging
me to come back at 6:00 p.m. for a drawing. Would you believe my name
was drawn, but you had to be present to win and so lost the $500
drawing because, as I had told the salesman, I had no intention of
coming back to town.

The former Sarah Cagle was in town for a visit with her sister
Rebecca Carson and brother Jimmy last week Some of her former LHS
classmates got together and visited with her for lunch on Wednesday.
They included: Bobbye Mills, Sylvia Clark, Annette Shotts and Ouida

The luncheon hosted on Tuesday by the Louisville Garden Club was a
smashing success with all three of the local garden clubs plus
members from a Carthage garden club and other guests filling the
Colonial Room at Lake Tiak O’Knata .

Thanks to Judy McLeod, Kay ward and Sylvia Vowell for setting up the

The lady who brought the program at the luncheon is quite famous for
her flower arrangements and has written several books on the subject.
Her name is Katherine Strange and she is a resident of Hattiesburg.

All of Mrs. Strange ‘s containers and arrangements are so out of the
box. As a bird lover, her bird cage arrangement was the most
appealing to me. In the group of ladies attending the luncheon were
some outstanding garden club members who are known for their flower
arrangements; Elaine Thompson, Dot DePriest, Debbie Moody. I wonder
what they thought about

Do we have a ghost at Center Ridge UMC? Could it be Janie Sharpe? I
don’t think so, but something strange is going on with our security
system. Several times in the last couple of weeks, the security
system has alarmed. Robin Black, David Mils and Carol Clark have
found nothing and nobody when responding to the alarm. We thought it
might just be the system itself malfunctioning until the bell ringing

Danny Mills who lives next to the church was outside late one
afternoon and heard the church bell, which is on a post in the church
yard, softly ringing. He jumped on his four wheeler, rode to the
church, found the chain which pulls the bell still swinging. Yet no
one was on the premise and no vehicle was heard or seen.

Folks across the years have said they have seen Janie’s ghost, but
this writer has witnessed no such apparition in the sixty five years
I have lived one half mile from the church.

Martha Mills spent the week of spring break sick in bed with what she
termed a sinus infection, but she never got a doctor opinion. Martha
is one of those people who are just usually never sick, especially
sick enough to stay home in bed most of the time. She was at church
Sunday and will probably be back at her desk at Winston County
Economic Development Partnership on Monday.

Recently I ran into Beatrice Sullivan and her new husband Virgil
Fontenot while shopping and the couple told me a little about their
recent marriage on February 23rd in Jennings, Louisiana. They had a
church wedding there in The New Life Tabernacle. Beatrice and Virgil
met while both were visiting friends in LA.