Let’s be Neighbors

In last week’s column, complaints were made about the fact that the
Habitat For Humanity House built in 2012 was complete but not yet
having a family move into it.

Glenda Johnson, president of the local organization, was nice enough
to travel the twenty mile trip she had to drive to try and make this
writer understand why the Hooks family was not installed. It is a
long story and I cannot go into detail, but there are problems and
issues that need to be resolved before any family can occupy the
home. Suffice it to say, she and the board very much hope the
situation will soon be resolved.

Friends of Legion State Park met recently in the Lodge with v-
president Paul Simmons presiding. I do not hear well so cannot give a
full report but will try to highlight some of the projects discussed
since Lynn Cunningham, the public relations chairman, was not present.

First let me say everyone of the Friends of Legion is so proud of the
renovations made on the Lodge by the state department over Parks,
especially Kline Shepherd. The broken windows and the stone work
along the edges of the building have been fixed and are no longer
dangerous and unsightly. Those of you interested in our Legion State
Park need to thank those in charge for coming to the rescue.

Some of the projectsdiscussed at the Friends’ meeting include; the
need for a microphone and a podium made so obvious when the entire
Parks department heads held their monthly meeting at the Lodge recently.

Another project discussed was collecting items from local artisans
for the glass cabinet already in the main room of the lodge. Also,
anyone having old memorabilia concerning happenings in the park’s
early days, pictures and such that can be displayed on the walls of
the lodge would be nice. If anyone has plants that have come up from
flowers you had in your butterfly garden, such as monarda, cleome,
rudbeckia, coneflower, etc please share them with Kline or other
members of Friends of the Park to be transplanted in a butterfly
garden made ready near the Chapel.

Remember the sunrise Easter Service being held at the Chapel in
Legion Park. If your church is not having a sunrise service, a
service has been planned and all are welcome to attend it.

The Kid-Kats Fishing Rodeo will be held at the Park on May 4th. To
finalize plans for the event, a meeting will be held at the Lodge on
April 9th at 10:00 a.m. and anyone interested is invited to come and
help with the planning.
William McCully has set up a web page for Legion State Park and also
a face book that anyone is welcome to use. Please run your entries by
Tim Flake before posting.

The annual BBQ of Panhandle Hunting Club was held Saturday night in
Panhandle Community House. The attendance was about half the usual
crowd for one reason or another so there was lots of the barbeque
pork, venison, and chicken left after everyone had eaten their fill.
The leftover was given to anyone wanting some of it.

Dale Estes must have been in charge of the chicken because he was
most generous in dividing it. Dale’s mother, Connie Faye Estes, was
at the BBQ and also her stepfather, Paul Stevenson.

The Ingrams, R.C., Alene, Michael, Teresa, Wayne and Gloria, plus
Floyd Morgan, Joe Vowell, and this writer sat at one of the tables
together. Wish I knew more of the folks at the BBQ so I could name

A few of those I can name are Roger Griffin, who returned thanks
before the meal and Amanda Cornet, her father Red Cornet and step-
mother Holly. Also I talked to Helen Stevenson (I think), but not
quite sure. My memory is a long way from what it use to be.

Besides the barbequed meats at the event there were all sorts of
salads, desserts, and vegetable dishes brought by those who attended.

Now I am looking forward to the annual Ingram BBQ to be held on
Saturday night before Easter Sunday.

There will be a sunrise Easter service in the Ingram pasture with
breakfast to follow in the Family Life Center of Pleasant Hill UMC.
The entire West Louisville Methodist Charge is invited. For those who
do not wish to attend the sunrise service, an 11:00 o’clock worship
service will be held at Center Ridge UMC.

The Green Thumb Garden Club of Winston Nursing Home was held March
19th with Brenda Tabor, Mary Ann Sessions, Mary Rose Moore giving
out gifts to those residents having March birthdays and serving
refreshments to all. The program was a video of Birds of America. The
horticulture specimen was a bouquet of spring blooming trees and shrubs.

New members who attended the garden club meeting were: Theresia
Fulton who is the Resident of the month at Winston Nursing Home, and
Helen Middleton and Liz Nicols. The two new activity aides were most
helpful. Sorry I cannot remember their names as well as several new
residents that were present.

Danny Mills, Gidget and Landon, Hunter and Virginia Charlton and
Patrick, Heather, and Jacob Charlton spent Thursday-Sunday at Navarre
Beach in Florida. Everyone but Danny had a good time but he was
suffering with a stomach virus all four days

Bill and Rose Catt left Wednesday for West Memphis. Billy, Dave, and
Austin Catt and Julie Mills plan to drive up on Friday to attend the
funeral of Bill’s brother.

I hope you have been reading the Letters to the Editor in the Journal
about the failing reports on the school district. Ed Truex is a
neighbor and urges everyone to support the Ready 2 Read program at
the school district by purchassing a brick at Citizen’s Bank or the
library. The funds raised will go toward sending each child in the
3rd grade homes a magazine over the summer in hopes of improving and
maintaining reading skills over the summer.