Let’s be Neighbors

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

With temperatures in the single digits at night and staying freezing temps all day this writer stayed indoors several days last week. Finally we got some decent weather on Friday and made a trip to Chamber of Commerce, the library, and the nursing home.

Martha Mills has resigned from her job with Economic Development. I asked her former boss, Gerald Mills, while at the Chamber of Commerce if he was missing Martha and he replied “ he would hold the job, if she would agree to return.”

A couple more of my age friends passed from this life last week. Dot Crenshaw Young and Mary Metts, both buried at Calvary Baptist Cemetery. Dot was a classmate at LHS and Mary was the kind, expert nurse for Dr. Calloway who was our family doctor for a number of years. The Metts children and mine were school mates at LHS and ECJC. Dot and Guy are neighbors on Shiloh Road, but we never see each other. Dot was always willing to help with the annual Heart Fund drive when I served as Rural Heart Chairman.

Another friend, Moselle Hull, told me her daughter Debbie had advised her to get some younger friends as all her old friends were passing away so fast. Good advice. Mo is so good to attend all the funerals of her friends and carry her delicious coconut cake to the family.

Teresa Facemire visited her father Bobby Miller last weekend and while here came to Pleasant Hill UMC worship service. Saw her stop by the cemetery to visit her mother’s grave. Teresa has worked and lived in the Jackson area for a couple of years.

John Robb spent the cold weather deer hunting while guest of his former mother-in-law, Nona Vowell. How many men are there who will continue to remain close to a former mother-in-law? To me, it speaks well of both parties.

Wayne Ingram has been a patient in the Oktibbeha County Hospital for going on three weeks. He had colon surgery and has not recovered. His sister Phyliss and his daughter Shawn came this weekend to help his wife Gloria as she remains by his side in the hospital.

Mary Anne Sessions who was injured several months ago in a car wreck, after several weeks in hospital and Methodist Rehab and a visit with her daughter in Dallas, TX is back in her apartment on East Main. She will not be returning to her volunteer job as manager of the local hospital gift shop as it has received a face lift under the direction of Brandi Kajewski and will no longer be offering yard sale and donated items for sale. The funds from sale of items bought at yard sales by Mary Anne and donations were used to finance the purchase of new items now being offered at the gift shop. Brandi has recruited several new auxiliary members who will be helping out in the gift shop.

Carol Clark and Julia Burchfield carried Ann Clark to Kosciusko to the Senior Care Unit in Montfort Jones Hospital where Ann will be a patient for a couple of weeks. Ann recently lost her husband Walter Clark and is suffering with health and depression problems. Keep Ann in your prayers.

Jim Eaves has returned from University Hospital in Jackson after surgery to remove a tumor from his lung a week ago. Jim and Sharon have both been suffering from health problems since before Christmas, but when Jim suddenly began having trouble breathing it was decided he needed help. His mother Linda Eaves arranged to have Jim taken to the hospital as Sharon was unable to drive him

R.C. and Alene Ingram had several visitors over the weekend. Alene did a lot of cooking on that new electric stove recently purchased after she was frightened by her clothing nearly catching on fire when a gas stove eye suddenly blew out. The visitors who enjoyed Alene’s good meals included: Bill and Doris Giffin from Greenville SC, Tim, Susie, Zack and Ty Bain from the Memphis area, Steve and Julie Fandel from Biloxi , Jullian Gordon from Carthage and Imogene McDaniel from Madison. On Saturday night all visited Stuart and Emily Ingram and children in the Mars Hill area. Teresa and Michael Ingram and Landon Mills also joined the group in the visit to Stuart’s.

Danny and Gidget Mills entertained several friends and family at a super-bowl party at their home on Sunday night. Most left at half-time as the game was so disappointing. The food was certainly not disappointing. There was no way to sample all the food served to those who were there. There were fifteen guests if I remember correctly.

The rain that came on Sunday was most welcome. We have not had any significant rain in a month.