Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

For all of you who have humbled this writer by telling me you have missed this column, I am going to try and have a go at it again. You will have to call me with news items as I will not be out and about as I was over four months ago before blood clots struck me down. Two weeks in Baptist Hospital in Jackson and a month in Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital in Kosciusko plus two months at home with Stay-Home Health left me with little desire to do much of anything.

I had not driven my old 1989 Buick until last week and upset two of my daughters by not having my cell phone with me on my trip into town on the busiest day of the week for little town Louisville (Friday at 2:30 PM). I was supposed to have done a little practice driving closer to home before venturing into town.

Saying the above does not mean I had not been anywhere, just that someone had to drive me! I am so thankful that my children carried me to the doctors and to church , funerals, and a couple of outings like a huge birthday celebration held at the Market Café honoring Ida Mae Black on her eightieth hosted by her ten children who gathered from all over. Two came from California,, one from West Virginia, one from Utah, three from the Jackson area while two still live near her, and one came from Florida. There were thirteen grandchildren, seven great- grandchildren and spouses plus friends that brought the total up to 56. Three birthday cakes, caramel, chocolate, and strawberry, enjoyed by those who attended plus all kinds of delicious hors d’oeuvres served on a laden buffet table in the large party room of Market Café.

Another enjoyable outing was the annual luncheon First Methodist Women hold every year in the fall to which all Methodist women and pastors in the county are invited. Talk about a loaded buffet table, that was and always is the case when the ladies at First Methodist put on a eating event. Every year I eat something that I have never had before and try to get the recipe. This year it was a marinated asparagus casserole for which I need the recipe. Which one of the many great cooks at the luncheon brought it?

Winston County has several new pastors since annual United Methodist Conference in June. They include Rev. Linda Smith, new pastor of the Nanih Waiya Charge, Kyle Ivy at Whitehall, and David Meadows at Noxapater and Mt. Pisgah., all of whom attended the luncheon at First Methodist.

The annual United Methodist Revival was held again this year with Rev. Wesley Putnam doing the preaching Sunday night through Wednesday night. All day services were held at rural Methodist churches and the night services were all held at First Methodist. The visiting preacher was very talented musically and was a dramatic speaker. He met with K thru sixth graders nightly before the worship service. I was so happy that he went this extra mile to reach our children. Mostly the county-wide revival of Methodists is preached to older church members whom, it is true need spiritual food even though they attend regular worship services, but does not reach out to the very young.

I will close this week with a reminder to you of the Panhandle community of Choctaw County holding a huge yard sale at the old Panhandle schoolhouse on October 20th. There will be all kinds of goodies offered, aprons by Nona Vowell and sunbonnets by Grace Sloan, to name a couple of items.

Also remember the Whitehall Bazaar at the church on Saturday the 27th of October. There will be lots of things on sale as well as breakfast and lunch available. Please call me with news.