Let’s Be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

At our county-wide Methodist Revival this fall, Betty Mills gave me a request for 40 days of prayer for the USA during the days leading up to the 2012 presidential election. I surely hope all of you have been in prayer because only God can unite us as we seek his guidance.

I remember the above scripture being the subject of a sermon the late Rev. Earl Mills preached at a revival at Center Ridge Methodist [no relation to Betty} close to 40 years ago. Instead of seeking God’s face, we have turned our faces away. Is it too late?

I also remember something the late Birdie Woodward, history teacher in the 8th grade at Louisville Public School in the 1940s, said to me when I moaned to her “what are we going to do, President Roosevelt is dead”? Her answer, “God is still in control”.

Let us remember that God is still in control, as we go to the polls and vote in the upcoming election.

Recently this writer joined an exercise class being taught at ANYTIME FITNESS, a fairly new business now open in the old WalMart shopping area. It was opened by a young man from Alabama, Shawn Howard, and his friend, Patty, The business has state of the art exercise machines and can be used at any time, day or night. Each member has their own key which can also be used at other locations of ANYTIME FITNESS in more than just our town.

The exercise class is mostly made up of senior citizens and is led by Angela Stewart [not related to the pottery Stewarts} but the daughter- in-law of the David Stewarts. She is a fine leader and very concerned that all the class strengthen their bodies in all areas. Being so out- of-shape from an entire summer spent doing nothing, barely able to walk to the mailbox and back left me very weak. So far I have not been making much progress, but Angela encourages me to keep going and I will gain strength.

Some of those in the exercise class with me include, Sylvia Clark, Ouida Donald, Buddy Butts, Doris Hayes, Georgena Hayes, Vernice Bruce, Marilyn Morgan, Linda Wiggins and Kathy Oldham. Others will be named later after I learn them.

I have learned through the grapevine that the son of Paul Randal and Nancy Eaves, and the granddaughter of Leonard and Joy Hunt had much more severe damage in the car accident they were in with Will Mcleod who was killed. Both Derrick Eaves and Dawn Hunt had to have surgery in North Mississippi Medical in Tupelo.

Pam Nance reported to me when I called seeking information about Nancy’s son that Nancy had been at his bedside since the accident. Our prayer is that both will fully recover and soon.

Mary Rose Moore was picked up at the home of her daughter-in-law in Ridgeland by a friend and they traveled to Gulf Shores for a vacation together. Sorry, I do not know the name of her friend.

Joyce Johnson gained her good deed for the day by carrying Earl Jennings to see his mother in Ethel.

She was accompanied by her neighbor, Gay Talbot. They carried Earl’s mother to get a flu shot and a hair cut. They also visited Earl’s sister and his Mother’s brother and then all had lunch together at a restaurant in Kosciusko.

David Mills got in a good deed, too. He picked up his friend Chester Herrington carried him to lunch, to get a haircut, and to Walmart. Chester recently fell going up the steps to his beautiful home on North Columbus Avenue where he lives alone since the death of his wife Juanita. Thank goodness, Chester did not break any major bones, just a couple of ribs, but still major pain.

Danny and Landon Mills and Hunter Charlton went fishing at Land 0’Lakes and caught some fine bream, the best tasting fish of any, in my opinion. They shared the catch with me and Nancy Hughes.

Nancy and Ray did some painting for me last week. They rent the old Carr house from Danny and since they moved there painted it yellow. Nancy says she has folks stop and brag on it since they painted it.

They painted trim work around windows at my house. Let me praise Sherwin Williams for keeping good records. It had been several years since the paint first used was bought. Zinita Allen had no trouble matching it after checking the records.

My good deed for the day was carrying my neighbor, Mrs. Jessie Streety, to the Whitehall UMC Bazaar on Saturday and then on to Walmart, where we both did a little shopping.

Jessie and I both entered our names on some silent auction items and Gidget Mills picked them up for us when she picked up something they bid on. Jessie bought a beautiful Christmas door wreath and a few other items.

There was so much to choose from at the Bazaar. Several rooms filled with crafts donated by church members and others. It surely must have taken all year to come up with the large number of items offered for sale.

I saw a painting by Bettye Forster of the old Depot Café from years ago that I loved. The old depot was later turned into Yarbrough’s Garden Center and Barbara Howell had a couple of paintings of that as it is today.

Seen at the Bazaar were several pastors from former years. Tony Proctor and his family, Stacy Parvin and her husband Bobby Fuller were there. Also Whitehall’s present pastor, Justin Kyle Ivy, his wife and two children. Rev. Larry Haggard of the South Louisville Charge was also spotted. Bro. Mike Dowd has not there when we were, but I understand he had been there.

A huge crowd of folks turned out for the Bazaar and it was so good to see folks not seen in awhile.

Many expressed that they were happy to find Let’s Be Neighbors in the Journal again.

Visitors at worship service at Center Ridge UMC Sunday morning were W.L. Black’s cousin Harvey L. Gann, his wife Evelyn and daughter Sandy from Austin, Texas.

Prayer was requested for Judy McLeod and Larry Shaffer and mother as they grieve for loved ones who have departed this world for heaven. Prayer was offered up for Dale Shumaker who is being treated for an illness for which there is no cure, but can be helped with medication.

Happy Birthday was sung to W.L. Black who celebrated his 90th last year at the church with many friends and relatives. This year will be sad because his wife of sixty six years passed away recently.

Murrey Lee Black, church lay leader, presented Rev. Mike Dowd with a pastor appreciation gift before the sermon.

The children of the late Carl and Indiana Ingram of the Hopewell Community gathered October 27 and 28th for a weekend reunion. Four generations of Ingram descendents traveled from all over Alabama, Navada, Tennessee and Mississippi.

On Saturday, the family gathered at the home of John and Betty Ingram Worrell for lunch and at the home of R.C. and Alene Ingram for supper. On Sunday everyone gathered at the home of Wayne and Gloria Ingram for lunch. The weekend was filled with meals, memories, and of course college football on the TV.

According to Alene the family enjoyed spending time tracing their family heritage and all enjoy coming back to the Ingram homestead in Choctaw county ,an annual tradition treasured by all.