Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

The Friends of Legion State Park moved into the Christmas Season on Saturday night at Legion Lodge when they held their annual Trim the Tree party. Shari Flake, member of Winston Garden Club, bought the new almost to the ceiling tree. Tim Flake, manager of the Park, put it up and Friends decorated it at the party.

It was a joy to behold when the tree trimming was complete. You would have had to see it to believe it. Debbie Moody, member of Town and Country Garden Club, and Charlotte Files, president of Winston Garden Club climbed the ladder, held sturdy by Tim, and placed the ornaments on top. Do not know who brought the tree topper, but it is beautiful.

After the tree trimming, party food brought by those who attended was enjoyed at tables set up and decorated by The Pastor of Goodhope Baptist Church, Jason Gross, then furnished the entertainment for the party. He played his guitar, banjo, and harmonica (not all at once, of course) and he also sang some solo numbers plus harmonized with several ladies, non of whom, had ever sung together, much less rehearsed. The ladies singing along with Rev. Gross included: Frances Ball, Debbie Moody, Dot DePriest, Gail Wekenman, Jenne Jones, and one gentleman, Paul Simmons. They could not have sung any better if they had practiced together many times.

Rev. Gross really showed out bluegrass style when he not only played his banjo and harmonica at the same time, on GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN SIDE. The ladies joined in on the singing as well as some of the audience.

Paul Simmons was summoned up by the group of ladies toward the end of the program to help them sing O HOLY NIGHT. Gail Wekenman showed out on that number and brought tears of joy to many.

A number of children attended the party and they worked on bird feeders and some who wanted it had face painting by Sylvia Wright. No Santa Claus this year, as in years past played by Milton Bouchlion.

And if you had not gotten into the spirit of Christmas by Monday night, surely you did if you attended the best ever Christmas parade in beautiful UP TOWN or DOWN TOWN LOUISVILLE whichever you call it.

Pat Horton (Mrs. Don) is certainly in the spirit of giving at Christmas time. She made two huge pots of chicken and dumplings and delivered them before the parade to neighbors, Dean Dempsey, Alene Ingram, W.L. Black, Teresa Ingram and this writer.

Winston Medical Center is all decorated for the Christmas season with a huge tree in the lobby completely covered in beautiful ornaments and other decorations around the room. All the halls have up decorations in the hospital itself and all over the nursing home.

The hospital cafeteria has a new look after a renovation with new granite counter tops and other changes.

The Christmas Parade in Louisville has already been mentioned in this column, but just found out yesterday that the Ford Falcon convertible used for the Grand Marshall, Mike Dowd, and his wife Charlotte to ride in was driven by Honey the daughter of the late Jerry Taylor. Wish Jerry could have driven it himself.

The afore mentioned Mike Dowd whom I often mention in this column is the pastor of West Louisville Methodist Charge. He does more than just carry out his pastoral duties and is very much involved in civic duties.

Danny and Gidget Mills held a birthday celebration for their four year old son Landon at Lovorn’s Arena on Saturday afternoon. The children rode the mechanical bull and then rode real ponies (all that were brave enough). They also enjoyed trying to catch real live chickens and a real live very small pig.

Connie Faye Estes and several of her Alma Mater MSUW friends went to Memphis to the Jersey Boys concert and enjoyed eating at the Hardrock Café this weekend. She was on her way back when I got in touch via cell phone.

I called to verify if members of Winston Guards 2643 are supposed to wrap the items we bring to the meeting on Monday night. No, we are not. Just bring something suitable for a veteran and all will be delivered to the VA nursing home in Kosciusko to be distributed.

Already mentioned was the Friends of Legion State Park Tree Trimming Party, but I want everyone to know what a talented daughter Tim and Shari Flake have. Paige made the most delicious cookies that were decorated and served on a platter she made that was also eatable. Paige also made lots of photos of those present at the Tree Trimming Party.