Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

If you are like me, you have been wondering who to vote for on the Public Employees’ Retirement System of MS Board of Trustees. I called Tommy Joe Wiley’s number to ask him, as he is the top person in Winston County’s REPM. He was not in, so was talking later to my cousin Lynn Campbell in Vicksburg and asked her whom she was voting for.

She quickly replied that her nephew and my cousin Randy Caperton was voting for Sam Valentine because he knows him personally. After reading his biography in the long list of the candidates sent to all Pers members, I decided to vote for Sam, too. If you have not voted, remember the deadline is January 28, 2013.

The Mississippi Legislature will be considering cutting out the thirteenth check,as some of us call the cost of living check retired state employees receive. Please talk to our representatives about keeping this once a year check coming. Many of us need the extra money to pay for home insurance and booking propane to keep us warm.

Troy Burroughs has retired due to health problems. We all wish for Troy a full recovery and a happy retirement.

Master Gardeners met recently on a Sunday afternoon at the Extension Office. Among those attending the meeting were Joyce Johnson and Johnna Williamson. This writer has not kept up with continuing education and has been unable to do the hours of volunteer work required to keep up membership, so I called and asked to be removed from the list of Winston County Master Gardeners.

The grandson of Rev. Mike Dowd visited him and wife Charlotte during the New Year holiday. He lives in Pennsylvania, but is very much interested in the War Between the States. Mike and Charlotte carried him to Corinth while he was here to tour the battlefield there. I believe they also carried him to the Mississippi Delta for a look at the River..

My neighbor, Rosmond Streety, spent over a week in the local hospital. He is now at home and his wife Jessie is having a hard time keeping him indoors. He likes to feed the birds and insists on filling the feeder, rain, snow, or whatever.

Was not the snow beautiful last Thursday? Such huge flakes falling so fast about 9:00 AM that it looked like what I think a ‘white out’ might look like.

Don Shumaker attended worship at Center Ridge on 3rd Sunday. Dale still is unable to attend church, although her kidney problem has improved. Doctors are still working on finding a cure for her lung problem. Please keep Dale on your prayer list.

W. L. Black’s daughter Debbie Ladner and his grandsons, Chase and Josh, from Kilm attended worship service and ate lunch at the 3rd Sunday luncheon. Chase is now a college student and he brought his girlfriend up to visit “Pop” and we enjoyed meeting her at church. I do not remember her name, but she is very pretty.

Did you know that the Hanna mentioned in last week’s WCJ is the grandson of James and Barbara Hanna, now of Winston County. They built on and renovated the home of James’s parents, Conner and Evelyn Hanna, after residing in Union for many years. Andrew Hanna was recently selected to represent East Mississippi Community College as the HEADWAE STUDENT HONOREE.

The grandson of Sally Chappell, Chris Sullivan, died recently following a stroke. He is the son of Faye Chappell and the late Flip Sullivan and is the nephew of Bobby {Dotty} Sullivan. Sympathy goes out to the family, especially Sally who just recently lost another grandson, Peggy Causey’s son who has operated Sally’s Cleaners for several years .

The next time you go to Jackson, try the restaurant Table100 in Flowood. This restaurant supports local farmers and was featured in the Mississippi FARM COUNTRY January and February magazine put out by the Farm Bureau Federation.

Recently this writer and daughters Carol Clark and Teresa Ingram tried out Table 100 and enjoyed this dinning experience that includes your choice of several wines

Theresia Fulton, mother of all those Fulton boys, recently suffered a stroke and is now in Winston Nursing Home until she regains use of limbs damaged by the stroke. I know lots of you know the husband of the former Babs Warner, and the husband of the former Shelia Pearson. Bernard Lee, Dan, Jody, Lenny and a couple of others whom for the life of me I cannot name and which is married to whom.

I wish all of you could have seen the snowman my son Danny and his son Landon built. It did not look like any snowman I have ever seen. Looked more like a bear than a man.