Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

Glenda Yoder, daughter of the late Earnest Clark, wished to invite
all kin and friends of her father to a special memorial Service on
April 6, 2013 in the Family Life Center of Shiloh Baptist Church on
Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. The Memorial will be informal with
those attending asked to share memories of her father and mother, the
late Nora Hudson, whose ashes will be buried in Shiloh Baptist
Cemetery. Along with the ashes of their daughter who passed away
twenty years ago. All had requested their ashes be brought back to

Glenda sends out special invitation to all Clark, Hudson, Bennett and
Atkinson relatives to the Memorial Service. These are all pioneer
families of Winston County. If you belong to any of the above
families, please make a special effort to attend.

All of us in Shiloh community are saddened by the death of Raymond
Allen who was laid to rest in Shiloh Baptist Cemetery on Saturday
afternoon after passing peacefully from this life into a better
place. Raymond lived out 99 years in this community and only had to
spend about three years away from this beloved home and reside in
Winston Nursing Home.

Elena and Chris Gilbert gave a birthday celebration at the home of
her parents, Carol and Clinton Mills, for two-year-old Brayden Lane
Gilbert. At 12:00 noon, guest helped themselves to hamburgers with
all the trimmings, French fries, ice cold drinks, etc. The children
enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, and blowing bubbles from the party favors
they received. A lovely birthday cake was served to all present.
Those who attended were: great –grandmother, Wanda Sue Shaw and
Carolyn Mills, Dallas and Kim Mills and their three girls, Mollie
Shepherd and her two boys, Robert and Kim Aubrey and their daughter,
Jessie Mills and her daughter and son, Teresa Ingram and Janna Peterson.

That was quite a crowd the Ingram’s fed at their annual BBQ, Alene
counted 49 she could remember after she went to bed. The Ingram boys
had the fire pit going all day and venison, pork, beef chicken and
quail were barbecued. Side dishes of vegetables, salads, and all
kind of desserts were brought by guest to finish out a bountiful
feast. It was on the cool side and many chose to go inside with
their plates even though tables and chairs were set up in the garage
where a hardy few remained to eat.

W. L. Black had recovered enough by the weekend to enjoy having his
daughter; her two boys and one of the boys’ girlfriend come for a
visit. He had been quiet ill most of the week with what he called
the “crude”. Robin and Murrey Lee both were also sick. All were at
worship service at Center Ridge at 11:00 a.m.

Other guests at Center Ridge worship were, Mollie Shepherd and Dax
and Tyler of Galatin, Tennessee, and little Miss Victoria Shafer who
came with her grandmother, Cindy Shaffer.

The sunrise Easter service which was planned to happen in the Ingram
pasture, as it has been for several years, had to take place in the
Family Life Center at Pleasant Hill because of rain. A goodly number
showed up and breakfast was prepared by the men of the church and
enjoyed by all brave souls who ventured out on the cold and rainy
Easter Sunday. The balloon release was cancelled and balloons given
out to family members to release after the rain.

And what a lovely sight when the balloons were released from the high
hill at the home of Danny and Gidget Mills after a delicious meal was
enjoyed by the members of the couple’s families who had gathered for
several Easter Sundays on Easter Sunday at the Mill’s residence. An
egg hunt was held and the four little boys present had fun racing to
fill their baskets. Some of the eggs were fake and held one dollar
bills to the delight of the young boys who were Daxton and Tyler
Shepherd, Jacob Charlton and Landon Mills.

Many who usually attend the Mills gathering were not present this
year. I missed Mrs. Evelyn Eaves, but her daughter, Virginia
Charlton fined up her a nice tray of food to take to her. Others
present were: Shirley Fulton and her son Tyler and daughter Amanda
and boyfriend, David and Martha Mills, Mollie Shepherd and boys,
Patrick and Heather Charlton and Jacob, Hunter Charlton, Julie and
Carolyn Mills, Kayla Hall; girlfriend of Drew Gordon, who was not
present due to having to work on a job in Oxford. I missed Billy
Catt who was in ER with his father Bill Catt. Later Bill was
admitted to the hospital and is in room 108.

I hope you have out your hummingbird feeders …..I have mine out and
been seeing these amazing little creatures for a week.

Carolyn Mills Clark drove herself to the ER on Saturday and was
diagnosed with a sever case of bronchitis and missed all the above
events which she would have attended had she been well.