Let’s be Neighbors by Carolyn Mills

The month of May is nearly gone and after 4th Sunday Memorial at Rural Hill, the West Louisville Methodist Charge will go back to regular schedules, preaching every Sunday morning at Center Ridge and Pleasant Hill and on 4th Sundays at Rural Hill for an 11:00 AM service

This writer did not attend Memorial Service at Rural Hill, but according to Norma Black (she was able to attend part of the day) the church was overflowing with chairs in the aisle to sit the crowd. Lunch was enjoyed on the pavilion after worship and following that an old time singing with different ones leading a song of their choice.

Memorial at Rocky Hill UMC this year was very different than the usual service. Instead of the pastor leading the opening exercises, Angela Gay, one of the churches’ three worship leaders, filled this part of the service.

Communion was observed at the close of the service with Angela Gay and Van Chancellor serving the host to those seated on the left side and Peggy Cassell and Lee Boydston serving the other side. Peggy is the daughter of the late Sam Fulton whose mother was a long-time pillar of Rocky Hill. Lee is the son of Sonny Boydston another long- time pillar. Everybody knows Coach Van Chacellor and Angela Gay is Barbara Gay’s daughter-in-law and Walton Fulton’s granddaughter-in- law. Over 100 years old, Mr. Walton was present as he has been for most of his long life.

Special music was presented by Barbara and Angela and a Mr. Woodruff whose name I do not remember. I understand his family were members of Rocky Hill way back when his father use to come to service early and light up the fire in the heater to warm the worshippers in the winter time.

Rev. Larry Haggard brought the message. He is now preaching at five churches, having been appointed by the district superintendent to fill the pulpits at Middleton and Vernon due to the resignation of their pastor because of the sudden severe health problems of his wife.

Another big change at Rocky Hill Memorial Service was the way dinner on the ground was enjoyed this year. In the many years this writer has attended, each family had a table where they put out food. This year one long table held the food everyone brought and it was enjoyed at the different tables usually holding food brought by different families.

This was good for our Talbert family as attendance was way down from past years. All of us missed the wonderful rolls Evelyn Hanna always brought to dinner on the ground. Only two first cousins attended this year. Raymond McKay and Carolyn Mills. The other Talbert relatives were first cousin once removed or less.

Thanks to my cousin, Bobbie Triplett, who always buys flowers for our grandparents and great-grandparents and other kin. Her son Paul and Charlie’s wife Charlene put them on the graves this year. Bobbie, Raymond and I share the cost of the flowers.

According to Frances Woodruff, President of the Mississippi Division of UDC, a permit to put up a new Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway marker at Grenada has been granted. Two pieces from the UDC Arch at Beauvoir that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina was picked up by Frances and Susan Easter, Mississippi Division treasurer, with the help of Tom Easter and his skid steer. They were loaded on a trailer and brought to Louisville where they will be engraved and put in place in Grenada. Lin and Trudy Woodruff accompanied Frances to Beauvoir where the original Arch was placed in 1919.

Friends of Legion State Park met at the Park Lodge on May 24th to plan a 75th anniversary of the building of the Lodge. On June 14th , the new flag provided by Greg Harper and Michael Cravens will be raised on the Lodge grounds at 5:00 PM. All veterans, all who love Legion State Park and want it to be preserved for following generations, all county and city officials are invited to attend. Giles Ward will present a reading and veterans will be saluted.

All who wish to become members of Friends of Legion State Park are invited to join for a membership fee of $10. This fee does not mean you will have free admittance to the Park. For this, you will need to pay the gate fee of $3 or own a State Park pass which gives you admittance to all state parks for a year for $42 or $32, if over sixty-five years of age.

Mrs. Jane Chappell sent me a list of Chambliss Family who gathered the first weekend in May at her home away from home (she does not reside in Winston County) to remember a cousin who had recently died. I am so sorry that her letter got misplaced and at this writing cannot be found. If I am able to contact Jane or some other relative who lives here, I will get the list in the WCJ I remember that most of them attended the Memorial Day Service at Goodhope Baptist Church, also.

Did not attend the Red Hill’s Festival, so cannot report on it.

Hope everyone had a blessed holiday. Several of my family spent it at the River,camping..

The children and grandchildren of Billy and Sandra Power spent the weekend with them at their cabin in Choctaw County. They were joined by members of the Whitmire family on one day during the holiday.