Let’s Be Neighbors Carolyn Mills

Thanks to Juanita Hight, Lynn Campbell, and Emma Hyde for calling to say they are glad this column is back in the Winston County Journal. Also my pastor, Mike Dowd says he is glad, too. He gets to read it before you do, as it is e-mailed to him along with the editor’s copy.

Many hearts in this neck of the woods are saddened by the death of Will McLeod, son of Judy Hall McLeod and the late Bob McLeod. Judy has deep roots in the Shiloh Community and Center Ridge UMC. Her father, the late Wyatt Hall was raised next door to Shiloh Baptist Church and his parents, Edwin and Bessie Hall. are buried in Center Ridge Cemetery, and were long time members of that church and Mr. Edwin was a steward and kept the records for many years.

Judy recently lost Bob and never really got over the death of another son who also was killed in a car accident a number of years ago. Many of Judy’s former students at Louisville High School and the entire city of Louisville that she serves on the Board of Aldermen, are deeply sorry for her grief as well as her church family, First United Methodist.

The entire Rural Hill Community is saddened that Mrs. Inez Tabor has left them and gone to join her late husband, Harry Benard Tabor, Sr. who preceded her in death three years ago. The couple lived a long and happy 76 years together. Mrs. Tabor was 97 years old, but she looked and had the attitude of a gentle southern lady of no more than 60 years of age.

The Zion Chapel Pentecostal Church family is mourning the death of their pastor, Rev. Bobby Joe Butler, as well as many people whose lives he touched across the years.

The many friends of Martha and Ernest Fleming are in deep sympathy with Martha in the death of Ernest, another couple who celebrated a happy fifty years of marriage together. Just last year they took a honeymoon trip to Savanna, GA and Charleston, S.C. to celebrate their 50th anniversary, a memory Martha will hold on to forever.

Bro. Mike Dowd and Charlotte left middle of the week for a vacation, but had to return early when Charlotte became ill. John Vowell filled in at Bro. Mike’s churches and got to preach to his preacher because of the pastor’s early return.

Nobody called me with news and I realize the deaths and funerals mentioned in today’s column is not news, but I have to have something to write about.

I could mention that Mary Tabor and her sister, Brenda Hunt provided some beautiful music for Mrs. Inez Tabor’s funeral. Mary sings and Brenda plays the piano. Together they are awesome. I whispered to Frances Tabor, their mother, at the service that she should be so proud of them. Her answer, “yes, I am, but I am also proud of my other two children, Charlotte Nabors and Bill Tabor, Jr.”.

W.L. Black is suffering with his legs because of a skin problem with infected blood vessels that has caused his legs to swell. He is seeing a skin specialist and is much better. He attended worship service at Center Ridge Sunday, but had to miss the Black Reunion held at Lake Tiak O’Khata, doctor’s orders.

Alene Ingram has been receiving treatment of hip problems for several weeks plus now she has added knee problems. She never gives up and just keeps going like the energy bunny.

Another lady who does not give up in spite of multiple health problems is Nona Vowell. She was present at the Panhandle Community Day festival and had made several items to sell.

Jerry and Beverly Sisson were also at Panhandle with wooden items Jerry makes, chairs, swings, bird houses, etc. I bought a cedar bluebird house and loved a chair, already sold. Could not have afforded the chair, anyway.

Nona Vowell’s daughter, Marie Gordon, was at Panhandle with many of her crafts on sale. Marie lives in DeKalb and teaches at East Mississippi Community College in Scooba. Nona visited Marie overnight and enjoyed it very much. Marie and her husband Rev. Owen Gordon, Jr. will soon be retiring and they are building a new home in the Panhandle community where they both were raised.

Jann Sloan had grapevine wreaths for sale and I had to have one of them. Jann is Grace Sloan’s daughter-in-law.

Saw Lynda McCool and her little granddaughter shopping at the festival. Lynda had picked up Eddie’s little girl in Horn Lake and brought her back to High Point for a short visit.

Rev. Mike Dowd’s mother, Mrs. Fern Henderson, was recently laid to rest in Center Ridge Cemetery. A memorial service was performed by members of Eastern Star of which Mrs Fern was a proud paid up member even though she had not been well enough to attend any meetings lately. Rev. Larry Haggard preached at the service and Porter Funeral Home was in charge. Al Porter and others got soaking wet during the burial as it was pouring down rain.

Thanks to Joyce Johnson for filling me in on the recent Green Thumb Garden Club meeting at Winston Nursing Home which just got started back after a summer break. Mrs. Betty Mills and Brenda Hunt provided a program of hymns that the residents loved. After Betty left, Brenda and R.L. McCool, a resident of the Home brought more entertainment with Brenda on the piano and R. L. on his harmonica. Birthday gifts were presented to several ladies and refreshments were served to all present by Mary Rose Moore, Mary Ann Sessions, Joyce and Brenda. Joyce brought the horticulture specimen, sprigs of rosemary herb and a bouquet of sasanquas. The rosemary was passed out for members to smell and the bouquet was presented to Alice Coleman, president of Green Thumb Garden Club.

Congratulations to my neighbor’s, Barry and Helen Blacks daughter, Mary Katherine, who recently was tapped for membership in the Chancellor’s Leadership Class at the University of Mississippi. To become a member of this class entering freshmen must have strong leadership skills. Mary Katherine was Winston County’s Young Woman of Achievement when she was in the 11th grade at Winston Academy.