Let’s Park

Lynne Cunningham provides a view of the happenings at Legion State Park.

The Friends of the Legion State Park held the first quarterly meeting of 2014 in January at the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room. New officers elected are Frances Ball, President, Johnny Johnson Vice President, Tracy McCully, Secretary and Elaine Thompson, Treasurer. All members were urged to renew the Friends yearly dues of $10.00. Anyone interested in nature and helping our park thrive please join in the meetings and become a Friend if you like what you see and hear. The annual pass for entrance to all the state parks is $42.00, $35.00 for seniors.

Projects under consideration for help in the park in 2014 were discussed. Some of the needed helps are more lighting for the handicap parking area and placement of guard rails to mark end of parking slots and wooded area behind the Lodge, lighting for the flagpole at entrance to the park and landscaping with bedding plants in and around the Lodge. The tentative agenda for 2014 was announced and discussed. Fishing Rodeo in the spring, Membership picnic in the summer, and Christmas gathering in November or December were the main events considered. Park manager Tim Flake reported good work with plumbing repair and rebuilding had been accomplished by an expert crew from the State Parks staff in Jackson. This refurbishing was sorely needed in and around the Lodge which was built in the 30’s. Members attending in addition to newly elected officers were Henry Brandt, James Russell, Terry Arnett, Rev. Mike Dowd, Paul Simmons, Noneine Keene, Jimmy Tabor, Henry Tabor and Lynne Cunningham. The Great Backyard Bird County February 14-17 is looming large in our near future. See how many you can count in your yard and compare with next year’s count. For reporting on state and national level see birdcount.org.

Plants and shrubs have taken a hit in our zone due to numerous days and nights of low temps not typical to us. Camellias and Susansquis are cold weather blooming plants for us, but too much cold is difficult for them. Tips for new plantings in the yard are; look for sheltered places along asphalt driveways or against stone of masonry walls and planting against a brick foundation for added protection, and planting on south facing slopes. Although an eastern exposure might seem best, keep in mind, a western site could give the advantage to plants in allowing them to warm up some hours before the intensity of bright winter sun strikes them.

Come enjoy the winter beauty of our local Legion State Park where the bushy pine limbs are still green and flora and fauna still alive and kicking right here in Louisville’s own backyard.