Let’s Park

Lynne Cunningham provides an update on the happenings at Legion State Park.

Legion State Park Friends Meet

The Friends of the Legion State Park held a quarterly meeting at the Legion Lodge on September 12 at 10:00 a.m. The primary focus for the meeting was to make plans for a special gathering to be held in late November to decorate the Lodge for Christmas. The tree will be put up and decorated by a team effort with everyone hanging on balls and ornaments. Crafts projects for the children, making peanut butter and seed balls for the birds, will be offered and hopefully Santa Claus will be able to stop by to check on the activities. Sandwiches, cookies, hot chocolate and cider are on the menu for edible human treats. President Frances Ball presided and asked members to provide various needs for the decoration gathering.

Secretary Marveen Moody read the minutes from the last meeting. Other items of business were discussed and a letter of commendation from U. S. Senator Alan Nunnlee was read. He praised the Legion Park and Friends for continuing to support and sustain our park as a haven for plants, animals and people. Let’s keep it prospering as a user-friendly and Naturally Beautiful haven.

Attending the meeting in addition to officers, President Ball, Secretary Moody and Treasurer Elaine Thompson were Tracy and William McCully, Joyce Johnson, Carolyn Mills, Noneine Keene, Brenda Hunt, Esther Taylor, Terry Arnett, Rev. Mike Dowd, Henry Brandt and Lynne Cunningham. Johnny Johnson and Jimmy Tabor also present were responsible for keeping the Walking Trail clear and clean this spring and summer. They’ve done yeoman’s duty keeping the paths open and poison ivy at bay. Thank you Johnny and Jimmy.

Trees at the park, we’ve plenty of ‘em and a recent article in Arbor Day publication stressed the benefits of green trees and plants for our environment. Trees have been called the “lungs of the earth” and surely we depend on the oxygen they produce through photosynthesis. They also reduce air temperatures (we look for shade of a tree in Mississippi to escape the searing rays of our hot sun in the summer), shade our houses lowering our electric bill and even remove gaseous pollutants, which are absorbed by leaves. The real value is highest in trees being “air purifiers”. We’ve got more trees in Mississippi than say New Mexico or Arizona so we can say we are ahead of the game. But let’s preserve our trees, even plant more, as best we can and appreciate our good fortune, in trees and Legion State Park.

Come join The Friends, $10 annual membership and be a volunteer for preservation of our heritage worth saving. Buy an annual pass for all Mississippi State Parks $42 individual $35 Senior Citizen.