Letter to Editor

Either or Or

Hopefully anyone who reads this newspaper regularly will accept that I have a firm belief in the 1st amendment of press, speech, religion, assembly, etc. Further that I accept as my personal creed the dictate that we should “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

With that being said, let me state that I write these missives not just to get my name in the Journal, but to foster an atmosphere of hearty and honest dialogue – to get people talking.

Last week, I mentioned that I have questions about the continuing need for “black and white” colleges here, and throughout the nation. Did you give it some thought?

I know that Rev. Ben Pittman, pastor of Mt. Moriah and I spent a wonderful hour in his office on the subject. Did we agree on everything? No, but what a great way to spend 60 minutes. I hope he’ll invite me again.

This week the question for discussion is even more personal and intriguing. It has to do with the most personal of a person’s beliefs. One’s concept of the Creator and the path we choose in order to follow that belief.

In writing this, I do not mean to be antagonistic or denigrating to anyone or to any religion. Next week, I will ask a more specific question, but here is this week’s query. Does a person while professing and believing in a particular religion have the choice to pick and choose which portions of the teachings to follow and which portions to ignore? Can a person be part this and not the other? Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Animist, Zaroastrian – my goodness! So many! What do you think?

-Ed Truex