Letter to the editor

Concerns about National violence

Last week when I saw the video of the two cops (white) kicking and stomping a young man (Black) in Gwinnett County. Georgia, three thoughts came to mind.

First: Why is it that cops everywhere do not realize that acting like Nazi thugs is not allowed and will quite likely get them in serious trouble, cause them to lose their jobs, and cost their cities 1000s of dollars in fines and settlements?

Second: Very little happens anymore that is out of range of ever present video cameras, cell phones or closed circuit tv. So much for privacy! We must balance everything- privacy, safety, crime, and the pros/cons of social media.

Third: We are very lucky to live in Louisville vis-à-vis the above situations. Here, we have a police force which does its job in a professional manner and is here when we need them.

The incident in Georgia led me to write this letter. I feel lucky to be here and want to offer Chief Claiborne and his force my congratulations on their good work. All of us need to say thank you once in a while.  

Ed Truex