Letter to the editor – After The Tornado

My continuous prayers and sympathies go out to those who lost loved ones during the tornado that touched down in our town and county on April 28th. To this day looking at the destruction of the storm seems so serial especially when its taken in on a bright sunny calm day. I have often thought what is it about tornadoes that make them so mysterious in their paths and origins are more often than not sporadic. They often vary in size, strength, and duration all within a single touch down with what seems like varying kinds of destructive winds taking place in the same path changing often with in yards of one another, from winds that lift, those that topple, those that vacuums causing structures in it wakes to simply explode. While yet again only within a matter of yard of separation there appears almost a scrambling effect. They seem to spontaneously drop from the sky. There seems to be no other severe weather event, from severe thunderstorms with strong winds, lightning, heavy rains and flooding. Not even the remnants of hurricanes that make it this far in, coming from the coast, gives with in them-selves any indicators of the sheer destructive force of tornadoes. Science tells us that the destructive forces of tornadoes are caused by violently rotating winds within a rather constricted area.
This brings me to where do we go from here, as a county, city, communities, as well as individuals. First in my mind is to ensure that no one is forgotten or left out too often in life after triages people are too soon left to fend for themselves. Too often after the initial out pouring of gifts and sympathies we soon start to take for granted with the inflow of aid from the federal government, state government as well as other non-governmental organizations we assume that the needs of people effected will be taken care of. We need to communicate on a personal level with families, individuals, and communities to ensure that this disconnect does not happen. We also need to conduct an after event review not to lay blame or to criticize but to determine what we can do better, or differently next time from our personal assessment, to county, to city and communities.
Going forward Louisville and Winston County will continue to need what we have always needed an expansion of existing industries as well as an aggressive effort to attract new industries. If Louisville and Winston County is to be a place where young people can earn a good living and be motivated to build homes, raise families, develop and refurbish and develop their homes and properties good paying jobs will be absolutely necessary.
Submitted by
Onzie Glenn