Letter to the editor – Blood Oil

Let me start this article by saying that there is absolutely nothing that President Obama can do about the current situation in Iraq that will satisfy his harshest critic and distracters.
This also applies to any other situations whether they are international or domestic here at home. To the Fox news crowd and right wing talk radio being on the opposite side of the president on any issue is good for business.
The simple truth of the matter is that criticizing, disrespecting and discrediting President Obama is a good business model due to the fact that there is a sizeable percentage of the American population that simply resent the fact that President Obama was ever elected president of the United States let alone a second time. Therefore in all honesty the slogan “ fair and balanced “ can easily be replaced with the familiar phrase its good for business.
Simply playing to this audience is easy game they will tune in faithfully day and night to hear and see talk show host and their guest along with political operatives masquerading as journalist running down President Obama.
Now back to the subject at hand the situation in Iraq. The instigators and proponents of the 2003 invasion of Iraq are now seeking political cover by blaming the current situation in Iraq on the Obama administration for not working hard enough to work out a status of forces agreement so we could have left behind a residual military present of some size after we ended major operations there in 2011. I can easily think of a scenario where our position and situation would be much worse if we had left behind a residual force.
First we here in America are dedicated to saying we are war weary. What about the Iraqis hundreds of thousands dead or wounded many of them civilians including women and children as well as to this day hundreds or thousands refugees. Let’s walk a mile in the shoes of the Iraqi people. “ After all of this you want us to allow you to leave some of our forces here?” After we left in 2011 there arose an ever increasing number of bombings growing more deadly as time went on. These bombings were the result of growing sectarian tensions primarily between the Sunnis and the Shiites.
However unfortunately what we got from the news media was an almost daily body count. What we did not get is that Prime Minister Maliki was shutting Sunnis out of the political and economic life of Iraq while hob Bering corrupt Shiite politicians and governmental officials and running a system of patronage based on sect rather than qualifications and abilities. Therefore when ISIS entered the picture many of the Sunni leaders that could have made a difference in turning the tide early on were already indifferent to the plight of Iraq under a Maliki lead government.
Under these conditions if we had forces there at the time we would have been stuck defending a government that many of the Iraqi people do not support. Instead of being influenced to be more inclusive in his government because of our military presence Maliki could well have been embolden to do even worse. In protecting Maliki and his government for the most part our forces would have simply been protecting themselves.
As the old people use to say at this point it might be painfully necessary to let Maliki “stew in his own juices” As to why we are even concerned with Iraq at this point… a big little three letter word oil. Just imagine if the world community could say with one voice to the various factions in Iraq unless and until you stop fighting over your oil we will not buy another drop.

Onzie Glenn