Letter to the editor – Concerns about neighborhood

I live at 204 North Spring Avenue Apt. #3 on the left side of the building.  These people that live in the building and they are very terrible people, they like to intimidate people and they are trying to force me out of my apartment because they want it.  They are violent people and they are allowing their kids to disrespect people.  I can not even set on my porch for these kids on my side of the building.  I have asked the city of Louisville for help with these people and I can’t get any and now they have them people that live at the house where I go cut at over at the building where I live.  It is the big yellow apartment 2 story apartment on Spring Street.  They live in apartment #4 and Apartment #2 on the right side of the building and they make me feel very uncomfortable in my own home.  They don’t like me cause they don’t like the man that I am with.  They are trying to get me to do something crazy so I can get locked up. Sometime I can not even sleep in my house.  They will not stay away from my window and there is always standing around my bedroom window. You cannot talk to these people cause it just make them get worser that what they was. Something needs to be done.  Someone help me please.

Patsy Higgins Triplett