Letter to the editor – Dialysis Provider Extends Thanks in Aftermath of Tornado

On behalf of Fresenius Medical Care, which has been part of the Louisville community for 13 years, our hearts go out to the people who lost loved ones, friends and neighbors during the recent tornado. Emergency responders provided critical aid, and their commitment and bravery is inspirational. People and businesses have come together to help each other in this time of need, and their dedication and courage is a testament to the community’s strength.
Our Fresenius Medical Care Winston County clinic in Louisville, which provides dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney disease, was severely damaged by the tornado. We were relieved, however, that our patients and employees are safe. Fortunately, our wonderful employees at the clinic were able to quickly transfer each of our 56 patients to six nearby clinics, where they will receive regular dialysis treatments until the Louisville facility is functioning again. I am humbled by the employee’s continued efforts to ensure the safety of our patients, who typically need treatment three times a week to stay alive.
I’d also like to thank the employees at Fresenius Medical Care Noxubee County, Fresenius Medical Care Kemper County, Fresenius Medical Care Meridian, Fresenius Medical Care Pearl River, Fresenius Medical Care Starkville and Fresenius Medical Care Kosciusko for their quick response in transitioning Winston County patients to their facilities, and the Louisville employees, who will continue to see their patients at other facilities. Furthermore, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the employees at the Louisville facility for remaining calm and professional during a time of chaos and confusion, and for rushing to care for our dialysis patients.
Because regular treatment for these patients is so critical, Fresenius Medical Care has extensive contingency plans in place for disasters. Our first priority is always to determine that employees and patients are safe, warm and fed – and this tornado was no exception to that rule. Second, we work very hard to ensure that all dialysis patients are able to receive the life-sustaining care they need, no matter what the external circumstances. We are working hard to get our Louisville clinic up and running again.
The tornado that devastated Louisville and took so many lives will never be forgotten. But the extraordinary response of our citizens is proof of our will to carry on and rebuild.
Lisa Fontenot
Regional Vice President
Mississippi and Northeast Louisiana Region
Fresenius Medical Care North America