Letter to the editor – Donation work worthwhile

Over the 24 days that the coliseum was used as a relief center over 1,787 families or individuals and 55 churches were served. These families received food, clothing, bathroom supplies, waters, tarps, yard working tools and lots of other items. Over 4, 480 cases and 1,080 gallons of water were passed out. Water was given to relief workers, fire departments, the hospital, all schools, the prison as well as victims.
Over 1,363 groups and individuals donated items. They were delivered from California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa and Michigan as well as from the surrounding area.
Over 1,207 volunteers worked (some worked every day) for a total of 16,440 hours.
I would like to thank all the volunteers for all the many long hard hours that they were willing to give to help donate the much needed items. One group that cannot be thanked enough is all the groups that provided food for all the volunteers, great job.
Thanks for letting me have a small part in all that was and is being done.

Randall Livingston