Letter to the editor – Examining prophecies

Webster’s Dictionary describes an asteroid as a small planet that revolves about the sun mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Webster describes a meteoroid as any of the many small bodies which travel through interplanetary space and enter the earth’s atmosphere as meteors or shooting stars.

As a child, seventy years ago, we called the falling lights, “falling stars.”  We didn’t know they were rocks.

God’s prophet didn’t know they were rocks until God spoke to him to prophesy. “A great mountain burning fell into the sea.”  Revelation 8:8

Revelation 6:13 tells us the stars (meteors) fell to earth.  Revelation 6:21 tells us a great hail fell on men.  Revelation 8:9 tells us a great star (meteor) fell burning like a lamp.

Some of these prophesies may or may not have come to pass.  We know an asteroid  the size of a mountain has not hit earth.  This prophecy has not come to pass, but it will “IF” God said it!  It will be a cataclysmic event.

Some where in the dark eternity of space, this mountain of a rock is on a collision course, set by God, with earth!

Hank Meredith