Letter to the editor – Fight with people

I, Patsy A. Higgins/ Triplett, I am sick and tried of these people and there guess that visit them come over here with them and they all want to due this threating thing on my Life I had to fight them on the May 23, 2014 I was hit by them thing’s that girl walk with that stay up stair now I try to be friendly with these people but they are to mess and they are very unhealth people they don’t now how to be friends with self’s are any body else.
And I ask them nicely to stay off my side of the build cause when they come over here on this side it is a big problem they want me to be intimated and bully by them but the devil is a lie I don’t fear know one but Jesus Christ and people are that don’t live over here are trying to make a trial thru here and it is not one then like I said I would not mind them coming thru here but they are very disrespectful like the people that live in this building and want nothing be done about this problem around here is crazy they are out here at night till after 11:00pm till 3:00am or 4:00am they think they are the only people that live in this building are on this block and now they want to say that they run this building but they will not take control of my home God gave it to me an can know one take it but Jesus Christ.

Miss Patsy A. Higgins/ Triplett