Letter to the editor – Mess with

Let me tell all of ya’ll mess people I don’t care how ya’ll feel are what ya’ll think about me I truly don’t cause I don’t bow down to no one but Jesus Christ ya’ll want to stay mess stay away from me Patsy Triplett and Vincent Triplett to ya’ll are not his family so there is no reason fro any of ya’ll to be talking to me are coming to my house and if ya’ll do so I will call the Sheriff Department cause there is no one in Louisville can put any fear in my heart so stay away from me and my home ya’ll see me keep what ya’ll have to say to ya’ll self I don’t care to hear none of ya’ll mess and I have told all of ya’ll I don’t care if ya’ll like me are not I don’t want none ya’ll to like me any and I don’t fool with mess people anyway the Lord told me not to so don’t talk to me are my Husband just act like ya’ll don’t see me when ya’ll do cause God’s people are not mess but ya’ll all are very much two faced and ya’ll are not a part of God’s world stay away from my house and me cause I don’t want to here what ya’ll have to say no way.

Ms. Patsy Ann Triplett