Letter to the editor – Not welcome

To the people of Louisville yall don’t like Vincent Triplett so yall don’t like me Patsy Higgins/ Triplett I didn’t come down here for no one to like me are Vincent see cause we choose to live our life the way that the Lord wants us to and all I ask MS for is my blessing that the Lord gave me when I was in K,C, Mo and that is Mr. Vincent P. Triplett and he is not a bad person that yall think He is any one can change if they want and they work really hard to let the Lord come into there life there mind and there spirit to and all we want is to live in peace if yall don’t like us leave us alone stay away from our home and let us enjoy our life with the Lord cause we have lived that foolish life and we are done with that so yall shouldn’t hate us cause we don’t live like that anymore. and people in this town are so intolerant of peopl that have never been around yall all of yall life and I am not from here. And it is wrong to judge someone that you don’t know and that yall never been around before and Vincent is coming home soon and all he wats is to live in peace and not to be bought and yall don’t have to like us the Lord loves us so please stay away from the us and leave him and me alone and our home see yall don’t have to like us but we want to be respected just like everyone else and it is me Patsy Triplett and Jesus Christ job to take care of him don’t worry about him I got is back.

Miss Patsy Triplett