Letter to the editor – Ramblin with Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  God is so good and so worthy of all our praises.  He is working in so many ways all around us.  If we could only open our spiritual eyes and be sensitive to the spirit of God, then we would see the miracles in progress all around us.  I believe the reason we can’t see is because the devil knows that if we reach a point in our walk with God, where no matter what happens we know that God is in control in one way or another.  Everything is going to be okay, then he won’t be able to use the bad things and trials of life to hinder us from seeing what God is doing all around us.  We are on a journey to heaven and whether or not we make it depends on whether or not we follow and do what the word of God teaches us to do.  The Bible is our roadmap and the directions that are found in it are clear and when we depend on it, there’s no way we can be lost.

It is high time that we as Christians shake ourselves and wake up to what is going on in this world today.  Satan is on the rampage.  He knows his time is short, and he intends to get as many people as he can to carry to Hell to share his misery.  He is pulling out all the stops and putting 100% of energy into doing a work among God’s people.  But what are we doing?  Sitting back on the very pews where God’s word is being preached and slumbering and sleeping and taking the attitude “Let somebody else do it” or else using the cop out of saying “I don’t have any talents to use for God.”  That is a lie from the pit of Hell.  You’re fooling yourself to even think it.  You’re letting the devil put blinders over your eyes.

I have pushed myself so hard since Devon has been sick trying to keep everything done and babysit too.  Joe goes every day to the nursing home and takes care of our son.  By the time he comes home, his legs are given out and he needs to rest.  Sometimes I would get so tired that I had trouble staying awake in church.  God opened my eyes to what I was missing, and I try to make sure now that I get at least eight hours of sleep a night so I can be alert on church nights.  We have got to be on our guard and watch out for the distractions the devil puts in our paths to hinder us.  My house has never been as cluttered as it is now and it bothers me, but not enough that the devil can use it to hinder my walk with God.  God is trying to wake us up and get us on the right path.  There is a will of God for all of our lives and as soon as we all begin to learn who God really is and how he works, then we will begin to listen and recognize when God is talking to us and moving us to do things to lift up others and glorify his name so that many others can see God at work and want to know more about him.

I prayerfully ask that you enter into your prayer closet and seek the Lord and ask him to see where you are falling short and what he really wants you to do.  If you will sincerely ask God, he will speak to your heart, and you may be surprised at what he says.  I love you all and hope you have a good week.  I’ve got to go for now, but please pray because there are so many people sick and discouraged, many have lost loved ones that they will miss.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at 425 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 39346 if I can help you or pray for you.  Let the word of God come alive in you and all the power of Satan and Hell cannot prevail against you.

Arlene Barrett


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