Letter to the editor – Ramblin with Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  I believe spring is finally here, and it makes me feel so good.  Warm air is on the way, hopefully.  The grass is growing in our yard and is so pretty and green.  All the pretty white flowers are falling off our pear tree and tiny green leaves are coming out all over it.  Bro. Willard Lowery gave me a flower several years before he passed away that came from Florida.  I believe it is a tulip of some sort.  It has four beautiful blooms on it and two more waiting to open.  It amazes me the beautiful things God created.  But of all the things God created, I believe love is the very best idea he ever had.

All though the Bible scripture tells us of a great love that God has for all of us.  We are his creations.  He made man to walk with him in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day.  Adam and Eve lived in a perfect world.  They had everything they needed at their finger tips.  Yet they sinned against God.  They let him down and broke his heart.  So they were forced to leave the perfect world they knew and make it in a world such as we face today.

But even then, God still loved them and was mindful of them.  There is no telling how many times he reached down and helped them even though they had done wrong.  God knows that we are not going to be perfect.  He knows we will make mistakes and that we’ll fall.  But he has made a way for us to get forgiveness for all our sins.  He paid the price when he shed his blood on the cross that we might live and have eternal life in heaven with him.

There are no drugs, no alcohol, no sex encounters, no lies to cover up deceit, nothing you could steal and sell, or no other sin you can do that would make missing heaven worth while.  If you know anything about how the Bible describes heaven, I’ll be willing to say you know how it describes hell.  So why in the world are you risking missing heaven if you are not a Christian and established in a church.  When Jesus returns, he is not going to wink at ignorance!!  There will be no “Oh Jesus I didn’t know.  Let me re-think this.”

So if you plan to make it, you’d better be getting the ball rolling.  I believe time is short and Jesus is coming soon.  My prayer is that to all who are reading this who are not ready to meet God, that you will make a start.  Don’t take God’s message lightly.  I know God loves you.  I’m concerned for your soul.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at 425 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 39346 if I can help you or pray for you.  It’s your soul you’re looking after, not mine.  I’m trying to stay prepared.  God doesn’t promise us tomorrow.  You can buy chances on a cake for a dollar or so, and if you don’t win the cake it is no big deal.  You take a chance on heaven or hell and lose out on heaven,  you’ve missed it all.  Remember, eternity is a long time.  Come and visit River of Life Church and worship with us.  See you next week, Lord willing.

Arlene Barrett