Letter to the editor – Ramblin with Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  Spring is on the way.  Joe said the Ellum trees are starting to bud and that is a sign that spring is not far off.  I’m ready for warmer weather.  I get cold in the middle of the hottest summer day.  So you can just imagine that I freeze to death in the winter months.  I use to never get cold in winter or hot in the summer.  I have never sweated in my life.  I use to chop cotton, pick cotton, then get corn in the fields.  My parents and my siblings would be wet with sweat, and I wouldn’t even be sweating.  But getting older seems to change everything.  So we’ll see how I do this summer.

My daughter, Donna Vowell, related a story to me this week about a “coffee cup” and the Lord has spoke to my heart to tell it to you.  I hope it touches your heart and you get something out of it.  This is a true story about a man in Donna’s church.

The story goes that this man opened his cabinet to get a cup out to pour some coffee in it.  He was alone.  His wife had recently passed away.  He noticed she had all the cups turned upside down.  He stood looking at the cup and thinking when that cup is upside down, it’s no good to me because I can’t pour anything in it.  Spiritually speaking when we are out there in the world doing all  the worldly things we can do, we are just like that cup.  The man had to pick the cup up and turn it over before he could pour the coffee in it.  Then the cup was serving the purpose it was created for.

When God begins to deal with our heart and stirs up that lonely spot in our heart that knows we have something missing, then our life begins to change.  God picks us up and turns us over and as we start to read his word, he begins to pour his spirit into us and once again breathes a new breath of life into us, and we become one with him.  We love him and cherish our relationship with him.

Without the peace of God in our life, we can never find the Godly path that we were created  to follow.  God has a purpose for each and every one of us to follow.  When we fail to follow it, we are hurting ourselves more than anyone else.  Don’t waste your life.  Get in the ark of God.  Don’t just be religious but become a child of God.

I love you all and God loves you to.  Set your spiritual cup up and make it available for God to fill.  Everything may not always work out perfect, but it will always work out according to God’s purpose.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at 425 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 39346 if I can help you or pray for you.  God bless each and everyone.

Arlene Barrett