Letter to the editor – To the wonderful community of Noxapater, Mississippi

To the wonderful community of Noxapater, Mississippi,

Because of the adverse situations you all have faced from the tornado, one ca feel like that of losing a loved one unexpectedly. I understand that feeling. It’s ok to be frustrated but you must realize that you all have a community to take care of. Let the worry of what happened be laid to rest. It is not time to wane on the past, but rather it is time to organize and move this wonderful community forward.
To move forward, you must use the three attributes that you have already inside you on a daily basis. The first attribute is heart. Heart is in each and every one of you. Heart is the muscle strength that each of you uses to carry on your daily activities. Heart wakes you up and out of a lost mentality to a “ we can get through this and will become better mindset”. More importantly heart, is so strong and full of enormous amounts of energy that it connects the energy from each of your own heart, to your will as your heart serves as its foundation.
The will, uses the hearts enormous amounts of energy and transforms it into a calling that never goes away. This calling generated from the will, calls each of you to come together and work to transform your community as you face your own uncertainty. The will calls you all neither to give up in because there is a better future. Your will is so strong that it provides a direct connection between your heart and your third attribute which is skill. This transformation to skill comes from the calling that occurs from within the will because the will uses the hearts enormous energy and propels the energy’s momentum forward to third attribute the skill.
Your skill will shine amongst the adversity your community faces because it represents the physical connection of your heart and will. Skill comes in many forms of communication that propel your community forward from this moment. Skill comes in ways of extending a hand to a neighbor who needs help rebuilding, while you yourself do not know what to expect in future weeks or months to come. Your skill is also the willingness to break down the barriers through getting to know one another in the community. These barriers hold up positive developments in the community and prevent the community from moving forward. It takes heart to wake up and move, it takes the will to propel the movement forward and it takes the skillful hands and voices of such a wonderful community like yours to move forward.
It is important to come together during natural disasters and tragedies. Maintaining this togetherness after the moments of adversity reassures each other that future success of the community will continue. A community cannot become better if its foundation is not on solid ground. Do not worry; this community has that firm foundation.
Never giving up despite the recent tornado that the community has faced is critical because you all represent a bright future for your country. A future that is willing to move forward and overcome adversity. A future that will show others, one community rising up hand-by-hand, every one of you will move forward from this moment. I do not doubt that. We are all one community. It is only the lines on the maps define our borders. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Andrew Webb