Letter to the editor – Treason reasons

During the time when this nation was being founded if a person was found to have given only a few muskets and a few musket pellets to the British that person would be tried for treason and upon being found guilty put to death for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  There fore any elected official of the U.S. that sets out simply for personal partisan reasons to portray the President as feckless, weak, and indesive that person is certainly guilty of psychological and political treason.  The irony of this entire subject is that those that are continually engaging in such behavior are the very ones on the front lines when it comes to insisting that we are engaged in a global war on terror.

Having served in the military myself I’m not a democratic partisan on this issue. I was sickened to my stomach when Sen. Harry Reid at the height of the Iraq war stood on the senate floor and self-declared that the war was a loss.  Could it be that it is America that has become feckless, weak and indesive?

Onzie Glenn