Letter to the editor – Treason

Ever since the situation in Ukraine started to unfold ultimately spreading into the Crimea region with Russia moving troops into the region the leadership of the republican party and their right wing pundits have gleefully sought every opportunity to engage in dangerous partisan opportunism with scorn and contempt to the point of out right hatred often calling President Obama feckless, weak and indesive simply because he has not literally stood at the microphone and on an ongoing bases given a blow by blow accounting of what he intends to do about this situation and at the same time answering his harshest critics along the way.

The republican party continues to claim to be the party of principles and to that I make this statement there was a time in Washington, not so long ago, and with go reason, the statement was “politics stops at the water’s edge” calling our Commander in Chief feckless, weak, and indesive in a time of international crisis is certainly not an example of the principle of politics stopping at the water’s edge. Now this one literally sickens me to my stomach when elected public officials say they are simply exercising their constitutional rights by criticizing the President even in times of international crisis. This may very well be true however the question is what are your motives?

In a world that is becoming increasingly inter and intra connected with the growth of social media the internet and alternative new sources with 24 hour almost up to the minute news and opinion being made available to an ever increasing number of people in every corner of the globe world popular opinion will continue to grow in its power to shape world events and influence leaders on the world stage. Therefore if opposition forces in what is supposed to be the most powerful nation on earth continue to portray their leader as feckless, weak, and indecisive under mining him or her at every turn the world will come to believe that America has become too partisan and the political environment too toxic and that America is fastly becoming to divided to unite behind any leader for any reason.

Onzie Glenn