Letters to the editor 07-16-2014

Rambling with Arlene
Praise the Lord everyone.  What a beautiful day it is to serve the Lord.  Today is Sunday, July 13, 2014, and it is my 51st Wedding Anniversary.  We didn’t start out

marriage off serving God, but thank God we are both serving him now.  I’ve been in church 41.5 years, and Joe has been in church 20 years.  We’ve had a good marriage.  We remain faithful to each other and faithful to God.  We intend to make heaven our home.  
In anything you do, you have to have a made up mind to be successful.  You aim for a target, set your goals high, and keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will reach your destination.  Never quit.  In all things give thanks.  Then you add consistent prayers to your to do list.  Ask God to lead you and direct your path in the way you should go.  Then be still and listen for his voice.  It is so amazing when God speaks and sends you an answer to every situation you encounter.  God really does answer prayers.  He moves in different ways.  Your answers may come through someone else or God may speak the answer to your heart.  Sometimes he will send someone out of no where to take care of your needs.  Sometimes you’ll be praying for an answer, and you open your Bible and look down and begin to read, and there’s your answer.  The thing I’m trying to tell you is that God will never leave you alone and helpless.  But, like everything else there’s this big word you have to consider.  The word is “IF”.  If you will pray, If you will read your Bible and stay in the word, if you will trust God to keep his promises, you will be victorious.  When we get to this point, lives can be changed for the better.  Chains can be broken and we can be free from all the things that hold us down.  We can come alive and walk in newness of life.  There is nothing like praying the victory down and getting saturated by the spirit of God.
I’ve spent my whole Christian life seeking to be in God’s will.  No one but you knows where you are in your relationship between you and God.  It is a precious gift from God and we need to cherish it.  We need to work on it on a daily basis by praying and seeking his will for our life and by reading and studying his word.  This is one thing we do not want to mess up on.  We want to know beyond a shadow of doubt that we have everything straight between us and God.  
God is real and his word is true.  We can stand on his promises.  He loves us and is mindful of our every need.  Let me encourage you today, if you know God, just keep on holding on to him.  His returning is close at hand.  Don’t let Satan hinder you or discourage you.  Hold on just a little longer Children of God.  The Eastern sky is going to split wide open, the trumpet is going to sound, and we will be called away home.  
If you don’t know God, let me encourage you to find a good church and get in there and work for God, read your word, and let God speak to your heart.  When God cuts off the time to make things right, it will be to late to repent.  Then you will be left behind.  That is a scary thing.  I love you all.  I hope you have a good week.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at 425 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 39346, if I can help you or pray for you.  I’ll be back next week Lord willing.
I’m sorry the article hasn’t been in the paper the past few weeks.  I’ve been away at vet school and have had some computer issues.  Thank you all for reading Mawmaw’s articles, and I promise to do my very best to get them in the papers each week.  Love yall.
Arlene Barrett
Recalling Jimmy Smith
Everyone has wondered what ever happened to Jimmy D. Smith. Jimmy was from Selmer, Tennessee, the home of the legendary Sheriff Buford Pusser of the Walking Tall fame. Jimmy was a jack-of-all-trades.
Truck driver, farmer, veteran, racecar driver, computer specialist, fitness expert, historian, philanthropist, DJ, plumber, welder, musician, theologian, prophet, deckhand (crab AND tugboat), electrician, volunteer fireman, sanitation engineer, building contractor, to name a few. Jimmy was well known, not just around Selmer, Tennessee, but also Noxubee, Lowndes, and Winston Counties, MS.
Jimmy took pride in elaborating on his multiple talents. While trucking, he set records delivering gods over 6000 miles in less than a week; hauling tobacco from Mashulaville, Mississippi to Kentucky (tobacco growing in Mississippi?); using his refrigerated truck to store corpses from the Superdome during Katrina in New Orleans (really?). Jimmy raised Arkansas Blueberry Watermelons on his Tennessee Dairy Farm, where he also worked as a smokehouse apprentice for his father. He had a friend who operated an “Attack Buffalo” farm near Corinth, Mississippi. Jimmy boasted about racing Mario Andretti and Emerson Fitipaldi (Indy 500) in his younger days.
Jimmy was a medic in the military during the Persian Gulf War (1991). He had been aboard a nuclear submarine. He knew the Montana Freeman. He spoke to Saddam Hussein by phone (to negotiate Kuwait?). He became a website developer, creating a dating site for prisoners and installing software for financial institutions. He was a fitness guru; he could run a 5-minute mile; a star running back in high school. A gifted massage therapist. He built gated communities in Searcy, Arkansas. He was associated with the Chicago mob. He owned a wrecker service and janitorial service. He waxed and buffed the Fed-Ex Forum in Memphis. Jimmy survived poisoning by a “poisonous cactus” while travelling through Kansas. He was a devout preacher; a welder. He was a courier for a Mississippi sheriff and was issued a cell phone there in 1986 (first in Mississippi to own one!). He drove a three-wheeled motorcycle cross-country TWICE. He installed bulletproof glass; built a maternity wing at West Memphis hospital for FREE. An expert on guitar, music, and the Civil War.
He dug for Aztec artifacts in Mexico; found a chest of gold on a beach on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and was an expert in snake-handling religions in Eastern Tennessee. Was he really a direct descendant of Capt. John Smith of Jamestown? Maybe. His father was only 11 years old when he sired Jimmy. It’s believed Jimmy became a treasure hunter, and a broker, after discovering gold bars at Shiloh Battleground. But Jimmy hasn’t been seen since September 2011. Has anyone seen this legendary icon?
Tobie Krohe, Bruce Cain and Phil Kelly.
Jesus love
I Patsy A. Higgins/ Triplett I am tired of my Civil rights not being respected, I am human just like the people of this town that have been here all of there life see I don’t want to be in this town no more than any of ya’ll people want me to be Jesus Christ sent me down here for a reason to get and wait on what MS have that God gave me and that is Mr. Vincent P. Triplett and I am not going any where till MS gives him back so every one mite as well get use to me being in ya’ll town. Jesus Christ said ya’ll will stop the threats on my life, and the inmate and the bullying to cause my Lord and my Bible say not to fear no man or women I only fear Jesus Christ and none of you people even come close to him and I don’t get on my knees for no man or women or Vincent Triplett either I only bow down on my knee’s to Jesus Christ the one who gave me life and out breathe in my body yall didn’t so I know yall don’t like me and I don’t care Jesus love’s me and that is what matter’s nothing else but yall will leave me alone and keep yall hands to yall self see I am not shared of any of yall. Yall don’t put no fear in heart one day yall will have to answer to Jesus Christ for what you people or doing. Leave Me Alone
Miss Patsy Higgins/Triplett