Letters to the Editor – 07/22/15

Improving Louisville
My concern is about putting our town back together and hopefully better than before. It was been a long time coming. We can make Louisville a better place to live by making it beautiful. While driving down John C. Stennis, I noticed it looked very nice, where as, Armstrong Street hasn’t had any attention. I believe all areas should be given the same amount of attention. Fema gave money to put this city back together not a portion of the city, but all of it.

We as a people should be proud of our city and where we live, not having to worry about how the money is being allocated. We have a voice in the matter and expect to be heard. Please reply. Thank you.

Concerned Citizen
Rosie L. Fulwiley

A good read

Lynne Cunningham submitted the article below from the Electric Power Association Cooperative magazine as a look at the Kemper County project:

Strategic Investment Plan Highlights Future for Kemper County

The potential for a very bright future awaits Kemper County according to Dr. Malcolm Portera, former Mississippi State University President and University of Alabama System Chancellor. In February, Dr. Portera and his son, Andy Portera, presented Portera and Associate’s strategic investment plan for Kemper County.

With an expected $12 million in tax-based revenue from Mississippi Power Company’s Integrated Gasification facility beginning in 2016, the plan outlined eight recommendations for investment.

1. Intergovernmental cooperation and collaboration 2. Fiscal responsibility 3. Education 4. Infrastructure, roads and information communications technology 5. Economic development 6. Recreation 7. Community appearance 8. County advocacy

The plan is a long-term opportunity. “When you are dealing with the significance of infrastructure improvements that need to be made, it will take time,” said Portera.

The ultimate key for accomplishing goals laid out in the plan is, “Consistent effort on the part of the leadership in the county with a commitment to make the resources available to invest in creating the kind of ecosystem that is needed to move the community forward,” said Portera.

According to Portera, Kemper County has the resources to make a strategic investment, but they must develop a sense of optimism in the community. “There exists somewhat of an attitude that it’s too big a challenge. I’m a real strong believer on being optimistic in our future,” said Portera.

Portera believes focus must be placed on four major magnets that can serve to help create a bright future: existence of Mississippi Power Company’s gasification facility, East Mississippi Community College, John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital and Highway 45 that connects Kemper County to Meridian.
“There is a future out there, and a very bright one, but it’s one that will require the right skill and workforce,” said Portera.

Submitted by Lynne Cunningham