Letters to the editor

Rambling with Arlene
Praise the Lord everyone.  God is so good to me.  I must tell you that I feel so ashamed. I know I don’t do all I need to do for God to see

people who are not covered under the shed blood of Jesus come into the throne of grace , repenting of their sins, and receiving the spirit of God and letting him change their lives and make all things new.  God has been dealing with my heart the last few months about how the Christians of our day have a slackness about ourselves when it comes to taking care of the things of God.  It’s not that we don’t want to or don’t know what to do.  It’s because we are so tied up and busy with our own lives.  All I do is work with the babysitting children, clean on the house, and wash clothes at night.  I go see Devon, go to church three times a week, go buy groceries every week.  I have to work in a time for reading my bible, studying, doing my writing, or sleeping.  I am telling my friends, if we’re too busy for God, we are too busy. 
This morning in church, I couldn’t do anything but pray and cry.  My heart felt like it was breaking for all of the people, who I know, who were once going to church and serving God and now they never darken the door of any church.  They just gave up and quit church.  They became discouraged and beat down and believe the devil when he began to point out how bad things were for them.  So how could God love them and let them suffer so much.  It’s all just a lie. God does love us.  He loved us all before we were even conceived in our mother’s womb.  He knew from the beginning of time that there would be a Mary Arlene Collins Barrett that would be born stubborn and opinionated and would need working with to get me on a straighter path from where I started out.  Bro. Eddie said this morning that in order to serve God, you had to first believe that he loves you. 
My heart feels so heavy.  It’s like a load of weight has been set on my shoulder, and the Lord is softly asking “what are you going to do about this? Will you be my hands and feet and voice?  For my people to hear what the word of God has to say to them?”  God is waiting for people all over the world to turn to him and repent, be baptized, filled with his spirit, and begin to serve him gladness.  He’s always loved us and he always will, but there is soon coming a time that his word teaches he’s going to close the door and then it’s going to be too late to turn to him.  There will be many who will be left behind and lost. 
The thing that bothers me is that there will be some of my family members and friends, and God himself that will be able to point a finger at me and say “Why didn’t you try harder to get me to come to church?  When you saw me getting down and discouraged, why didn’t you encourage me to keep holding on until I could make it on my own?” 
Friends, serving God is serious business.  There’s no margin to just playing church.  The Bible says we are to be either hot or cold, if we are lukewarm God will spew us out of his mouth.  I can’t stand to be cold naturally, and I sure don’t want to be spiritually cold.  I intend to make it to heaven.  If you don’t have nothing else, or no one to pray about it, please pray for me.  I want to make, and I fall so short.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at 425 West Alice St., Noxapater, MS 39346.  Please give God what is due him while it is still.  I love you.  May God bless each and every one. 
Arlene Barrett

Defending Triplett
To the people of Louisville, I, Vincent Triplett is writing this letter on behalf of Ms. Patsy Higgins my fiancé, and the things that has happen to her. Sense she move down here from Kansas City, MO with some of the people that live in Louisville and in the same apt building that she paid her rent at faithful to her landlord and these are some of the same people that tried to kill her by cutting her and she had to go to the hospital she tried to get justice in Louisville town. But it look as if the justice system of Louisville let her down and person or persons that has been intimidating her is some of the same one that has cut and jump on her before and have threaten to kill.
Now I have written a letter for Ms. Patsymy fiancé. They did this at her own home. I would like to know why do people in let these people intimidate a lady that is 57 years old. It was two or three of them to jump on Ms. Patsy. They hit her on the head with them things that that girl walk with. I would like to know what the citizens of Louisville think about that now what if it was one of your mothers or grandmother or some one that you loved. Would you want some thing did about it and want justice to be done.
She is a elder over them. Ms. Patsy just want to be at peace. She came to Louisville to be with me, and to become Ms. Triplett is that asking to much? Now I got myself lock back up in prison. I don’t think that give anyone the right to try and dog her out just because she is not from Louisville and I am not out there with her she is not just a push over because she isn’t from that town we all have some one that care, and love us.
I am one of them people that truly do love Ms. Patsy Higgins. I know that you people in Louisville have family members that you love to so put yourself in her shoes and close your eyes and think about it what do you see and feel. If one of your family was in a town all alone by themselves trying to get help from the town that they are in can a person choose the town that they want to live in or stay in. now isn’t this a free county and peoples have rights to feel saft no matter where they go now when a town stop caring the people in the town run wild and people feel unsaft now we all should stop for a min and think what kind of town and people’s we really are and we want people’s to say when I went to that town them people realy help you This is some food for though help those who is in need and those who are sick and homeless look deep down in your spirit and ask your self what kind of person am I. only you realy know. May your spirit rise above all and show you who you realy are.
Mr. Vincent P. Triplett