Letters to the editor


thanks voters

Over the last nine months, I have had the privilege of campaigning for Mississippi Supreme Court justice (District 3, Position 1) across North Mississippi. During that time I have met many wonderful new friends and have reconnected with many old ones.  

I just wanted to say thank you to the citizens of North Mississippi.

It will be my honor and privilege to serve as your Mississippi Supreme Court justice.

Thank you for entrusting me with this position.

Bobby Chamberlin




Praise the Lord everyone.  My, my it seems like the older I get the faster time speeds by.  Thanksgiving is gone and Christmas is staring us in the face.  Where has the year gone?  What have we done to up lift and support the kingdom of God this year?  Can we say we did more to support the kingdom than we have to hinder and break it down?  We as Christians need to be so careful how we present ourselves to the outside world.  So many people are watching us and looking for a reason to seek out and search for a reason to find a church to attend and start out on the road that will lead to life eternal.  I believe we will be held accountable for those we might have hindered.

Before we go any further, let me encourage everyone to reach out and be a blessing to someone else this Christmas season.  There are so many people out there who are hurting.  There are parents, especially single women, who have maybe lost their spouse for whatever reason and have small children and no money for Christmas.  Maybe there is an elderly couple who just needs some company and a fruit basket.  If we take the time to look around us, God will lead us to someone we can be a blessing to.  Jesus was born of a virgin, walked on this earth teaching and reaching out to hurting people.  He died on the cross for our sins and to this day he’s never stopped giving.  The best part is that he never will stop.  So how we can we calmly sit back and not try to reach out in compassion to someone else?  So between now and Christmas help someone else.  Be a blessing.  Show some love.  God will always bless when you give because God first gave to us.  He is an all seeing, all knowing Lord.

God has been so good to us this year.  Like the song says we have food on our table, clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, and a good comfortable place to sleep.  We love the Lord so much.  He has blessed us beyond anything we can ever imagine.  I can’t walk, but I can drive.  Joe can’t drive because of shoulder surgery, but he can walk.  So we help each other and God helps us both.  What more could we ask?  Christmas of all times is a time to be happy and show love one to another.  I wish for everyone to have the best Christmas ever.  It has nothing to do with gifts or money.  It’s all about the peace and joy of Christ living inside you.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Call me at 662-724-4691 or write me at 425 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 39346.  I love you guys.

Arlene Barrett


The Little Bitty Lonely Christmas Tree

It seems like forever

No one sees me

Hundreds of cars and

Trucks big as a house

Thunder down th ehighway

Filled with children adn

Moms and Dads going somewhere.

Hey! Look at me!

Am I invisible?

Yes, I am lonely.

All alone on a hill.

Can no one see me

Or get my message

Stars bright made dark skies

On fire with light

Led shepherds to David’s city.

Sad and lonely I am

My last name is Tree

My first name is Christmas

Christmas Tree tells me

I am special

I am beautiful

I am good

Christmas Tree is my name.

Only five years old

I am our Christmas Tree

All alone by myself

on this hill.

No other trees to talk to me

No children to listen to me

Can they hear the message?

Star ligh so bright

His love is there

Calling to all his children.

Sad and lonely I am

Christmas Tree is my name

Come to acclaim the birth

An life of the Christ child

Lowly born in a manger

On a tax day in David’s city

Until you come for me

The lonely Christmas Tree is sad.

Submitted by James W. Hunt