Letters to the editor

Main Street

I am blessed as I drive through “our town” Louisville and enjoy the beautiful lights that decorate different areas for the Christmas season. Even more so, I enjoy seeing the lovely planters and hanging baskets that beautify our Main Street during spring, summer and fall each year.  Louisville is so fortunate to have MRS. SUSAN ARD, who loves our town so much, that she works diligently and tirelessly planting, watering and pruning the plants all during the year to keep our Main Street looking beautiful.  She also spends many hours in planning and preparation of putting together the Christmas displays each year.  She does this voluntarily without pay and recently she was seen at times working while her leg was in a cast as a result of a fracture.

 The Chamber has very little money budgeted for plants and maintenance for the Beautification of Main Street Project and operates this project mainly with donations from individuals and organizations. I think it would be great for Winston County Citizens to show our appreciation to MRS. ARD by making donations in her honor to the “Main Street Beautification Project” to help continue this project and keep our town looking good. Many visitors to Louisville have commented on how pretty our town looks.

Ouida Donald