Letters to the editor


It would be wonderful if it was not such a forest and sham in other words a diversion. What am I talking? All of a certain after seven and a half years of obstruction and almost total grid lock the republican leadership on Capitol Hill find themselves willing to join with the democrats in order to launch a deep nonpartisan probing investigation into the alleged hacking of the DNC and the Clinton campaign by the Russians. Slowly now that the election is over and their candidate has been elected the Republicans are interested in finding out if outside foreign powers tried to impact our democratic politics and Presidential election.

I agree this issue should be of interest to all Americans of intelligence. However, as they say, pardon the pond, the entire charade is simply a “red herring” this all is deliberately designed to distract attention away from the real issue that had the larger impact on public perceptions and opinions and thus the election.

Now we find ourselves at a point where even the so called liberal press has positioned itself to down play the impact of the Comey letter leaked to the press just 11 days before the election. Supposedly, an additional 66,000 e-mails with possible implications in the then closed Clinton e/mail investigation mysteriously appeared in the course of a FBI investigation, out of its New York Office of Anthony Weiners’ alleged sexting crimes. One of our major news outlets had Secretary Clinton all but indicted. This so-called discovery and subsequent leaks instantly became political talking points for Donald Trump on the campaign trail where he touted them to the hilt to loud chants from the crowd of Lock her up! Lock her up!” in the closing days of the campaign. Even though the FBI allegedly investigated these additional e/mails found nothing and issued a statement to that effect just 4 days before the election Secretary Clinton drops in the polls were never recovered. As close as the poll numbers were in the closing days of the election only a few points were needed to make the difference. So what we need to be concerned about in this election cycle is not what the Russians did or didn’t do although it needs to be looked into. The questions we the people need to be asking is what did the FBI actually have and when did they have it.

Submitted by Onzie Glenn