Letters to the editor

Volunteers sought

Co-Med Adult Day Care is in need of volunteers to assist with daily activities. Co-Med Adult Day Care Center is a nonprofit day care center that provides an efficient and safe environment for seniors and the disabled in Winston County.

The center is requesting individuals who are friendly and outgoing, who would enjoy interacting with the elderly and disabled patients.

Volunteers are asked to come by the local center located at 525 C North Columbus Avenue in Louisville Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. or call Tomekia K. Carter or Judith Dodd at 662-773-7066.

Judith Dodd


Thanks for helping

We would like to give a special thank you to Mrs. Aline Haynes and her ‘crew’ for sponsoring a fish fry to raise money for our FCCLA state competition.  We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to South Louisville Baptist Church and Mrs. Mandy Mills for allowing us to use their beautiful kitchen and Family Life Center. Thank you Mrs. Linda Wiggins for taking up the money and keeping records.  Thank you to all the volunteers that worked the line, cooked the sides, and fried that awesome fish!  Another thank you to our great community that showed up and supported us!  Thank you all for buying tickets, your donations, and your support. I just have to brag on my students for working so hard selling tickets and working that night. They realized that hard work really does pay off.  We raised enough money to pay for our registration, banquet tickets, and hotel rooms!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Mrs. Helen Black, Culinary Arts Instructor


The Red line

If the opposing political leaders of a political party continuously telegraph to the world that its leader, president, commander-in-chief, has a weak and feckless foreign policy pretty soon the world will start to believe it, especially our adversaries, so much for our politics stopping at the water’s edge.

There was a time in America, not so long ago, that any time a situation or crisis arose anywhere around the world that affected our interest as a nation or had the potential of affecting our interest, the president of either party could and would summon the leaders of both party’s majority and minority from both the house and senate to the White House. They would meet behind closed doors and come out speaking with one voice as to what our response and course of action would be. However, for some reason political division has grown down through the years and was accelerated during President Obama’s Presidency. With these facts squarely in mind when it comes to President Obama’s “now infamous” Red line in Syria one need look no further than the Freedom Caucus/Tea Party or whatever they are call themselves these days. To say that President Obama drew a line in the sand in Syria and backed away from it when it was proven that Bashar al-Assad, the dictator there, had used chemical weapons on his own innocent people. This assertion is an outright lie. Calling a person, a lie is not something I’m comfortable saying in my own mind. To call one a lie or liar goes beyond one’s disagreement with a particular assertion or set of assertions that one has made or is making to the character of the person or persons making the assertion. However, in this case I’m going to stick with the term lie. So allow me to restate my position. To say the President Obama drew a red line in Syria and backed away from it, is a lie. After howls, screams, gnashing of teeth, and mouth frothing from both the House and Senate,especially from the republicans, President Obama agreed to let them take up the issue. The news media and therefore the American people seem to have forgotten that a Use of Force Resolution  passed int he Senate with bipartisan support in mid-September of 2013. It was well known at the time inside the bubble of Washington politics that the republicans in the House led by the freedom caucus were planning to produce a no vote on the Use of Force Resolution that has passed the Senate. This was being done for no other reason tan to chop President Obama off at the knees politically. So America when you look at Syria today hundreds of thousands dead, over half a million displaced and a country in ruin. It is at this point that I’m issuing a challenge to all the major news outlets to track down John Boehner, the then Speaker of the House and ask him what happened with the Red line in Syria?

Submitted by Onzie Glenn