Letters to the Editor

Ramblin with Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  I hope everyone is doing well. I pray that you all have more things to be happy about, than you have to be aggravated about!!  It’s really hard sometimes to be happy when things start going wrong.  But I have come to realize that even when things are at their worst, if I will just take a good look at the situation I will see some good.  It’s then that I realize that it could have been worse except for the grace of God.

For instance, today when I was cooking lunch I had a strainer sitting over in a boiler, I poured hamburger meat over in it to drain.  I turned around in my wheelchair to get something off of the stove.  When I turned back around and hit the strainer and spilled grease all over my cabinet top.  The good part was I didn’t get burned and I didn’t spill one small piece of the hamburger meat.  A lot of people think God won’t be there to protect me like that.  But, I’m here to tell you, my God cares and takes care of my every need.  

Let me give you another example.  Years ago before I ever became a Christian, my dear friend named Barbara Hall got into a considerable mess.  Her husband, Bill, and my husband, Joe, forbade the two of us from going sightseeing without them.  They both had to go to work.  We had just moved to Nevada and someone had told us about a ghost town way up in the mountains we wanted to check out.  They went to work and we took our kids and a friend and went sight seeing.  We got high up on a mountain on a narrow pig trail and all of the sudden there was an avalanche.  Snow and rocks were falling every which way.  We couldn’t go any further and we couldn’t turn around.  It was getting late.  We backed that car up with me walking and guiding Barbara.  Finally there was a little hole in the cliff.  She would back up and hit the cliff behind us.  Then I’d watch while she pulled up to the edge of the cliff on the front side.  We turned that station wagon around.  Except for the grace of God, rocks could have come tumbling down on us, or the edge of the cliff could have given way, but it didn’t.  Bill and Joe weren’t happy about the way Bill’s station wagon looked.  We both got our keys pulled and got grounded.  Then men were grateful to God that he had spared us of our stupidity.  (Right Barbara?)  We had five kids between us plus a good friend with us.  We weren’t even living for God then.  So yes, my God is so good!

So let me say this to you, it doesn’t matter who you are or who you know.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or if you’re dirt poor.  God is not concerned with where you work.  He’s not interested in where you live.  When it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, all that will matter on judgment day is how we’ve lived our lives and treated others and how much God we have living inside us.  Here’s my question, “how far do we still have to go?”  May God have mercy on us all.  God bless.  Have a good week.  Think about this.  Pray much.  Call me at 662-724-4691, or write me at 40 West Alice Street, Noxapater, MS 39346-9415.

Arlene Barrett